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Industries We Can offer a prompt Return On Investment with our services

Commercial Landlords

Trust is the foundation in property management to manage your project’s post completion “hand over” for Building Management and Facility Services. Choosing a company which can offer responsible building managers, experience in hard services, and delver a reliable conduit in communications, provides the basis of that foundation.

Commercial TenantsIndustries with Facility management work system

Every tenant has a core business which they are particularly specialized and expert with; our core business is property management, which includes looking after tenancies to maximize their opportunity to do what they do well, while we take care of operations and property.


The Retail industry is a tough industry, margins are thin and completion is rife. Retail customers are choosy and have the internet in the palm of their hand. There can be no reason, that is in your control, for your customer to shop elsewhere when you have the item they are shopping for: so you need a your services to be slick, efficient, cost effective, and reliable.

Clubs & Entertainment

We know Club Managers can be very pressured, we think we can help to make your day easier and possibly save you a few dollars along the way.

CBD Hotels

Our core business is property services, our back ground is in trade, engineering, and construction.
We can offer a number of solutions and tailor our services to fill the gaps in your current team.

Contract management within the industries we serve

Data Centers

Outsourcing services, such as Data center facility management, can make more efficient use of your IT managers time and your money. We have the resources, the industry contacts, and the back up to support you rooms services including:

  • Fire Systems
  • Mechanical Services
  • Automation, Digital Control
  • UPS Systems
  • Air Conditioning CRAC units

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