More Commercial Tenancy Fit Out Faux Pas – The Faux Pas of Fit series Continues;

In out last post project management fit out faux pas we looked at Noise, tenant access, More Commercial Tenancy Fit Out Faux Pasfire systems and tripping the circuit breakers and not telling anyone……….(most annoying) so today, in this post “More Commercial Tenancy Fit Out Faux Pas” we’re going to look at few other “Faux Pas” for your entertainment…

Building Management systems

A quick definition:
The Building Management System or BMS, is the digital automation system which runs the bulk of the air conditioning equipment, lighting and often the lighting and security (depending on how well the executive sold the system). the BMS is like a big computer which runs the building from the hot water in your taps, to opening the roller door in the drive way and keeping your warm or cool.

The “Faux Pas” happen when the Fit out company and / or the builder comes into the commercial space and delvers this wonderful fit out with “bells and Whistles” and every one is impressed. Then, services don’t quite work in the building they way they used to, the boiler is running when it shouldn’t or the chiller and the boiler run in competition or the energy usage goes up significantly and a plethora of other “symptoms”.

What has happened is the builder has “short cycled” the System to save money. We can talk for hours about the different ways this can happen, and sometimes it is not the builder but won of their sub-contractors. the Change in the BMS will effect the whole building, although indirectly. The building manager will organize to get it fixed and the new tenant will be paying for it.

Don’t the builder short cycle the BMS or the fire or the elevator systems. Make sure these trades whom are incumbent on the site are involved, even if it just a quick meeting to ensure your new fit out doesn’t actually reach into their scope. better safe than invoiced.

Air Conditioning and Mechanical Services

Most builders or fit out company s will try to delver only that required to keep More Commercial Tenancy Fit Out Faux Paspeople comfortable, but there is a difference between the minimum comfort, what is safe, what is compliant to the BCA, WHS act of 2011 and Australian Standards and what is going to work with the Fire System.

What has the Fire System got to do with the Air conditioning System?

Well I’m glad you asked, it is a whole other post, no its a whole other web site, but in a nutshell, the air conditioning system, in the event of a fire is used to remove the smoke, but it can also fuel the fire with oxygen, so there are strategies and priorities in the control of the air conditioning system in the event of a fire. And, your new fit-out needs to be apart of that system, with full operational compliance and functionality with the relevant codes and Australian Standards.

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