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The Commercial Real Estate Industry is Competitive and Strategic.

Your Business relationships, competent negotiations, and market knowledge are core ingredients to your long term profitability.

Get an Edge on Your Competition?

Every opportunity to reduce costs and optimize income has to be considered, the competition in CRE is consistent and relentless. Our core competencies are in building operations. With our strategic relationships, built over many years with specialized vendors, and our industry knowledge, we know we can deliver our clients an “edge” over their competition. How do we do this?

the One questions to ask your facility Manager

How are we Different From Our Competition?

Our Experience in Trade delivers you an understanding of what trades on site are doing and importantly not doing. (the director is Wraight Property is an electrician).

Our Experience with installation and commissioning of Building Automation and Energy Management gives you an edge in sustainability and energy conservation.

Our Industry longevity in commercial property gives you access to the specialized people. resources and companies that are often obscure, not on the first page of Google, but are very good at what they do and have the expertise to deliver results at competitive pricing.

Our genesis is not from a textbook at university, nor are we cleaners Per Se’. Our back ground comes from years of experience in, Trade, Maintenance and Construction in the commercial building industry. We know how buildings work as a holistic single system; we understand the priorities of tenants, and the priorities of the Landlord.”

You need a Facilities Vendor which is Less Cumbersome to Deal With.

It’s exhausting and its expensive when dealing with the “Top End”; you have witnessed the difficulties, the costs and the frustrations when you are trying to obtain a clear objective. We would like to reassure you there are easier, concise, cheaper and more transparent ways of delivering facility management.

Communications, even when there is bad news, is the key. Keep it moving.

Our background gave us the foundations to establish systems and processes which avoid cumbersome and truncated delays, “if you delay, you die”. Our experience has taught us to use technology, and derive a more expedient process to develop a system our company can implement “into site” to serve our clients better. Hence, our Tag………………“Value in Building Performance”. The “Top End of Town” simply can’t deliver this.

We Know Where the Money is That our Competitors will Leave Behind.

Your results determine our next client; your facility performance, in budgets, tenant retention, indoor environment, cleanliness and management determines if you will offer us further assets in your portfolio, or a testimonial. Hence, our goal is to support your facility in maximizing and optimizing every possible dollar. We know where money is often left behind in both, direct and indirect business opportunities for our client. Easily said, please allow us to demonstrate”

To demonstrate, here is a simple idea we have implemented for our clients:
Consider NABERS assessment system. It is demanding and has legislative requirements. We find many of our competitors receive a quote from a service provider with little or no consideration to actively improve the NABERS assessment. Often the competitor will send their vendor a purchase order and believe they have maintained their obligations to their client.
In this situation, we ask, Who is in control? The Vendor or the Facility Manager?

We Can offer Commercial Landlords effective Maintenance and Accountability

The answer is the Vendor, regardless of the T’s and C’s, because the vendor has written the scope of works.
Instead, we take ownership of the scope of works, knowing the details and then modifying to oblige the vendor to make adjustments and improvements in line with Nabers protocols. Then we have created an opportunity to have a technician actually work for the client, rather than just go through the paces of maintenance.

By modifying or editing the scope of works and asking the vendor to comply, we ensure your KPI’s are included, your waste management polices are adhered to, your objectives are protected and progress is made towards a sustainability objective of the facility.

There will be room for negotiation, but at least you have a vendor that is now on your team assisting to improve the Nabers rating, typically, at no additional charge, and without any capital cost. It is amazing what a difference a decent provider can make to the Nabers assessment by being proactive and diligent in the servicing and maintenance processes of the building.

Just a few Quick Hi-Lights of What We Have Achieved for Our clients in the Past.

  • North Sydney building, 1970s, 3 star Nabers assessment raised to 4.5 starts, cost, less than $10,000 over a 12 month period.
  • Shopping center, monthly energy bill reduced from circa $15,000 to $8,000, cost, less than $10,000, took one day.
  • 2000 meter Data Center reduced energy bill by $3,300 per month, cost, 2 Skinny Lattes.


We can talk about our Services and lead you to other parts of our web site which demonstrate our expertise, but, lets be honest, you’re short on time and you have a pressing meeting to prepare for.
Place a call, make an appointment with the receptionist and we’ll have a coffee, and we’ll work out very quickly if we are good fit.

We know every dollar counts, and we know every tenant counts.Mechanical HVAC Services Projects and Upgrades


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