The Commercial Real Estate Industry is Competitive and Strategic.

Every opportunity to reduce costs and optimize income has to be considered by every Commercial Property Landlord.

The competition in Commercial Real Estate is consistent and relentless.

Our core competencies are in Building Operations and Technical Services.
We employ many technical and Trade personnel, reducing layering and extending overall property performance opportunities.

With our experience and dedicated team we have built over many years and our industry knowledge, we know we can deliver our clients an “edge” over their competition.

How are we Different From Our Competition?

Understanding the Commercial Property Landlord and their relationships with their tenants, their lease obligations, their compliance obligations, and their stakeholder obligations means we can assist more effectively to obtain and deliver the results which are meaningful to you.

Experience is Key

We employ rather than sub-contract.

By Employing people, we can keep experience in the team. By managing their training and reward key team members with advancement when demonstrating initiative, integrity, and dedication, the company grows its knowledge and resource base.

The Business Owner is an experienced Electrician with a lengthy background in Building Controls and Automation. We understand the holistic nature of how a building should and can work as a unit

Genisis in the real world

Our Foundations are based in trade, maintenance and construction

Our genesis is not from a textbook at university, nor are we cleaners Per Se’. Our background comes from years of experience in, Trade, Maintenance, and Construction in the commercial building industry.

We know how buildings work as a holistic single system; we understand the priorities of tenants, and the priorities of the Landlord.”

Trust | Talent | transparency

We seek your repeat business based upon performance

Our Agreements are written with a “no excuse termination clause; you don’t have to jump through hoops if you are not happy.

We keep all our invoicing transparent and use a job management system that includes photos and relevant costing.

Through this, we hope to win your trust and create a long term meaningful business. relationship

Just a few Quick Hi-Lights of What We Have Achieved for Our Commercial Property Landlord clients.

North Sydney building, the 1970s, 3 star Nabers assessment raised to 4.5 starts, cost less than $10,000 over a 12 month period.
– The shopping center, monthly energy bill was reduced from circa $15,000 to $8,000, cost less than $10,000.
– 2000 meter Data Center reduced energy bills by $3,300 per month, cost $4000.
– CBD 1970s Office Building, circa 10,000 meters, increase NABERS rating from 3.5 to 5 in one-year agreement (minimal capital)
– Improved uptime of major fixed asset (built in the 60s) by more than 50 % (consequently improving revenue or the site)
– Audit of Major Shopping center with 25 levels residential and 5 levels of commercial reduced energy consumption by circ 25%
– Negotiated with relevant stakeholders avoiding a “fire order” and project managed a satisfactory conclusion (long story)
– Delivered power after major phase failure (3200 amps +) between sub-station and the client’s premises
– Sydney CBD 1970s Building, Reduced the Boiler Upgrade costs from $200,000 + to just $85,000
– Major Car Park monthly energy Bill halved by installing Variable Speed Drives
– CBD Hotel Chiller Upgrade Project saving more than $10,000 in energy in the first month of operation
– Reduced the Gas bill to Nil for 5 months of the year for 15 level CBD Building
– Fire Indication Panel upgrade project for $160,000 delayed by 10 years by spending $15,000 on the correct equipment and extending its life term

A few of Our Services

We Tailor Our Services to meet your Budget, your building’s compliance, in the most comprehensive package possible to minimize your time and optimize your dollar.

Fire Protection Services

HVAC Mechanical

Building Automation

Electrical Services

Emergency Lighting

Energy Management

Facility Services

Car Park Co & Fan Control

Operations & Site Management

Keeping it Simple

Consider a maintenance and reporting regime which gives your team back their time, and, delivers a powerful job management and reporting system.

Commercial Property Landlords, their team, their Property Managers and their Asset Managers are focused on the bigger picture.

Regular corrective and planned maintenance is important, as its a part of compliance and statutory obligations, we can help keep your team focused by providing a single point of responsibility and providing you with reporting, job management tools, critical dates, compliance obligations fulfilled and assist tenant support

Reduce Layering
Reduce Costs
Improve Performance

We employ our own technicians, trades people and handyman crew. We minimize any and all sub-contracting wherever possible, as it improves our delivery and control of the job, and, it reduces layering for our clients. In turn, this reduces overall maintenance costs.

Because we are invested in your building, we are keen to keep your business and be proud of the assets we maintain, hence, with a trade and technical crew which are emp0loyed, we are demonstrate delivery and building performance to you and new perspective clientele.