Strata Maintenance Services

Strata Maintenance Services

Our Strata Maintenance Services are the Trade and Technical Services specifically for the Residential Strata Environment.

We provide a repertoire of Essential Services and Non-Essential Services from basic handyman work to Annual Fire Safety Statements, Switchboard Upgrades to Carbon Monoxide Control Systems to painting Yellow lines on the car park floor.
Projects, Maintenance Repairs and preventive Maintenace Agreements performed in Line with critical council dates and obligations.

These Services are tailored to meet the needs and demands of the Residential Strata Environment and commercial strata.
Technicians are properly informed regarding any COVID-19 PPE and are Fully aware of the Strata Management Systems.

Tailored Services

Your Building is unique. Your Budgets, your people and your location; all require specific needs and compliance.

Our Integrated Facility Services offers you the opportunity to select what you need. We work with incumbent suppliers and owner-occupiers who have established skills in key disciplines and perform these works on your building. We bring to the table an agreement tailored to your individuality and site circumstances.

Our goal is to build long-term business relationships with our clients so that we learn all the idiosyncracies of the site and the situation to ensure a satisfactory result that is ongoing. Many of our clients have been with us for several years, some more than ten.

We begin the process with a meeting on-site with you; we walk the site and dive into the challenges you face and the outcomes you are looking for, and in what time frames.

Unsupervise Buildings

Trade and Technical

Fire | Electrical | HVAC | Controls

We have clients that seek a package deal or just want one service. We have clients that just want our Fire protection services while others just want a mobile building manager twice a week for four. There are many different variations and structures.

Our goal is to reduce your time involvement on-site, improve overall building performance and reduce corrective maintenance callouts.

We ensure three core categories are in place. These are Safety, Compliance and Comfort.

Our Integrated Facility Services place these three categories at the foundation of the work we do for you in this order. This keeps you safe, complies with the council and regulatory authorities and provides a comfortable place to live and work.

Consider a package or a single service and grow with us as we assist you on the way to operational excellence in your residential strata building.

Strata Managers

Asset Management / Facility Services

Our Integrated Facility Services Packages are designed with key strata maintenance services in mind. We offer Asset Registers as part of the maintenance regime in a strata building site.

This supports effective planned and corrective maintenance across major fixed assets such as HVAC, Lifts, Plumbing, Electrical, energy management, Automation, Doors, and many others. Crating this database or managing/improving an existing database is key to greater insights and greater fiscal management of any strata building.

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Essential Services

Fire | Emergency Lights | HVAC |

We offer Strata Maintenance Services package, which includes all the essential services.

✅ Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS)

✅ Mechanical Services Exhaust and supply fans

✅ Back Flow Prevention Device

✅ Emergency Lighting

✅ Exit Lighting and signage

✅ Elevator Safe to operate

✅ Fire Doors and auto doors

✅ Egress and pathways

✅ Car Park Safety, carbon monoxide gas control and bollards/line marking

✅ and so on

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