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Integrated Facility Services

Fire | Electrcial | HVAC

Tailored Services

Every client is unique.

Every Asset has performance criteria to meet. Tailoring your services is core to successful stewardship and long-term business relationships.

Every building and its Landlord are unique; by tailoring our services to match your requirements, we can create a new direction to set a pathway for building operational excellence.

We tailor a single service or a combination with a holistic management goal, inclusive of budget, projects, and maintenance regime.
Consider an integrated facility services agreement with performance criteria or there may only be one service you need from us. For example, regular fire system maintenance or a car park exhaust system upgrade; or there may be several services in HVAC, Fire and Electrical that suit your current situation. The knowledge bank of the team and the resources at competitive rates are the true value proposition we bring

Forte Asset Services Field Technician working on a control panel serving the travelator in Sydney, NSW

Fire | Electrcial | HVAC

Maintenance Regimes

Our integrated facility services include maintenance regimes for hard and soft services.

Integrated Facility Services | Fire | Electrical | HVAC

Building performance in energy, maintenance, compliance, and safety all integrate with one another. Ensuring your maintenance regime is constructed with your long-term view ensures you are spending money (Outgoings, R&M or Capital) where you want it spent.

Facility Management Melbourne

Safety, Compliance, & Comfort.

The three core functions in order of Priority for your Building

Integrated Facility Services | Fire | Electrical | HVAC

Ensuring Workplace Health and Safety from our team as well as any sub-contractors you might engage for any works on site. Including WHS documentation which is current, signed and dated.

Compliance for core disciplines such as Fire, HVAC, Electrical, Vertical rise, Plumbing, Anchors, Safety and many more. With Trades and technicians on our team (employed by us) we have a huge knowledge bank of standards and compliance requirements.

Your Tenants are your “engine room” ensuring their comfort is an integral part of our service to you. Having a team which are amicable, returns calls answers emails and get things done is core to tenant retention and cable income for our client.

integrated Facility Services Fire | electrical | HVAC

Why Choose Us

Our Background is in Building Automation and controls; we know how a building works as a single holistic unit, as a single integrated system.
Integrating controls system between Mechanical services, Lighting, Energy Metering, Access Control, Car park Exhaust systems, Fire modes, and Elevator systems, there is knowledge and experience not gained elsewhere.
This is how we know and understand how the building actually works; there are no black boxes or mystery; it is logical synergies that work together to form a single unit.

Trade and technical team at Forte Asset Services

What is Integrated Facility Services?

We tailor a package to your building, budget and performance criteria which includes or excludes some or all of the trade and technical services we provide and we facilitate the management of the planned and corrective maintenance regimes of the building. All documentation, reporting, photos, WHS, tenders, and quotes are provided for your review and oversight.

We have clients we perform only the Facility Management for as we have the technical background to monitor sub-contractors, others we just do the fire protection services and the HVAC as they are tied together in the Annual Fire safety statement.

Other Clients want everything from an asset register, to the plumbing, to the WHS, and project management on their behalf, the entire suite per se'(a lot of reporting in this). Meetings are regular and fundamental to ensure client satisfaction as well as manage expectations.

We find clients “evolve”, especially with some of the labour shortages in recent times, where we assist to “fill the gaps” and keep their building functional and compliant.

Property Maintenance Services - Forte Asset Services

A few of Our Services

We Tailor Our Fire, Electrical, HVAC, integrated Facility Services to meet your Budget, your building’s compliance, in the most comprehensive package possible to minimize your time and optimize your spend.

Fire Protection

HVAC Mechanical

General Electrical

Building Services Audits

Emergency Lighting

Energy Management

Facility Services

Car Park Co & Fan Control

Operations & Site Management

Operational Excellence in Every Building

“Love Your Work”

Our People are our business and their attitude towards their technical and trade services is fundamental to our client’s success and our success.
It’s critical our team loves their work, it is about tangible, meaningful results, which deliver outcomes our client seeks and our people are proud to produce.

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