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Energy Audit Costs

Are Energy Audits Cost Effective?

Energy Audit Example

A quick example of the savings enjoyed by one of our clients, long after we have completed our work and implemented a change or two, easily justifying the energy audit cost with a return on investment within the first month.
Energy Audits will provide data for consideration into Energy Conservation Improvements, they are an excellent place to start with strategic planning and an excellent measure for qualifying the improvements already implemented.

Shopping Center nearly halved their Energy Costs, after Our Energy Audit!

Great inexpensive results, here’s what we found.

We were asked to perform an audit for a shopping center in NSW, the center was circa 12,000 square meters of retail and mall space, not huge, but their energy bill seemed high considering their other shopping centers under management..
The site had many differing facets for the various vendors, the car parking and services.
We began our investigations with the usual suspects, on the second day we found the problem, which was a simple fix.
The Site had a “Building Management System, BAS”,the system was fine, 1980’s technology, but it did the job. What we found was the BMS had been overridden at the switchboard, with everything, turned to manual to run 24 hours, 7 days a week, all year.
The site was essentially a 12 hour 7 days a week site, so the air conditioning system was running twice as long, every single day!
We put everything back to auto and tested everything via the BMS to ensure the time clocks and the air conditioning controls would operate.
We found nothing wrong, at least nothing that would justify putting the entire air conditioning system into manual for such a long time

After the dust had settled, we spoke to the property manager and asked about the energy bills, they had reduced from circa $15,000 per month to just over $8,000 per month, and this was in summer.
A great result where we paid for our selves within one month. Great R.O.I.

Energy Audit Cost - Technical Services in Commercial Property HVAC BMS, Fire, Energy, Automation, Electrical and Mechanical Services

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