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Energy Management Systems Installation

Energy Management | Site Integration

Integration and Expertise.


We serve our Clients in the supply, installation, and commissioning of Energy Metering, including power and fluid energy (chilled water, condenser water, heating hot water and others) and Web servers for automated reporting and monitoring via an IP address or internet browser.

The Energy Management Systems are simple and straight forward to use and integrate via a graphic use interface (GUI), the critical task is using the information and optimizing your opportunity to reduce costs and improve the value of the building or asset.

50mm two way, fluid energy meter

Fluid Energy Meter:measure the energy lost in delivering services such as chilled water, condenser water and heating hot water

Our Client List for Data Room Monitoring Includes Companies such as Fair Fax (Pyrmont) and Vanguard Investments (Melbourne and Sydney).
Our Systems are are offered in consultation with the NABERS rules and the objectives of our Clients.
Many Systems are implemented and used for Billing, we perform back ground checks and basic investigations to ensure the equipment supplied is either certified by the CSIRO, Australian Standards and/or the best international certification available (this is especially relevant with Fluid energy Meters), this will assist to ensure any challenges are met with the “best of breed” products defining the intentions of clarity and accuracy on behalf of the owner of the Building.


We can Supply, Install Program & Engineer a System ourselves directly for you or we can project Manage and oversee the supply of an Energy Management System by others. We can consult with your current Building Management System vendor whom may be able to integrate the EMS into the BMS.
With our Industry Knowledge, we can deliver an Energy Management System with the most economical market value representation.

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  • Data Centers
  • Switchboards for HVAC, Lighting, Car parks, distribution
  • Distribution Boards
  • Building Services integration, Power Monitoring
  • Lighting Control, Power monitoring
  • Fluid Energy monitoring and reporting
  • Carbon Dioxides Sensors, Carbon monoxide, Refrigerants, Nitrogen dioxide and more
  • VOC sensors (NABERS)
  • E-mail Alarms, Automated Dialer
  • Weather Stations
  • Systems interface
  • Web server for Remote access(Niagara AX Open Platform)

Energy Data can be delivered to you in box in PDF, excel and other forms, making it easier to investigate and correlate your energy data with other data, such as s outside air and occupancy rates, etc.

Energy Managementtrend log via the BMS

Trend log energy consumption for greater analysis and better decision making.

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