Mechanical Services (HVAC)

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✔ Preventative Maintenance
✔ Maintenance Packages (Fire, AFSS, & Controls)
✔ Projects
✔ Upgrades
✔ Repairs
✔ Fault Finding
✔ Energy Management / Audits
✔ Service Audits
✔ Technical Due Diligence

Our Holistic Repertiore of Services Ensures Your Peace of Mind.

Mechanical Services
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Try a mechanical services team with a deeper holistic level of building services.

Fire | Mechanial Electrcial | Controls | BMS | General Electrical

Taking the hassle out of HVAC Mechanical Services

Our Commitment to Excellence Ensures Your Peace of Mind.

How We Help You

Mechanical Services / HVAC Maintenance is more than just changing a fan belt or checking a bearing, it is taking the entire site into consideration.

By Taking a holistic approach, our Client’s opportunity to manage budgets, compliance, safety, Sustainability and indoor environmental conditions effectively improve dramatically.

Mechanical Services
Commercial & Residential Buildings

How We help you Solve Problems and keep your Building Running

Mechanical Services
How We Help You.

Step #1 – an obligation free site visit where we meet with you to discuss your most urgent concerns.

Step #2 – a low level audit to establish the current physical status and operational status of the system, we will also discuss energy bills and NABERS assessments.

Step #4 – Lets fix the components which are generating the highest amount of complaints or at least understand what is involved to repair them.

Step #5 – provide you quotes to make repairs and repair those urgent matters first.

Step #6 – design a maintenance schedule around your key outcomes and budget parameters.

Step #7 – implementation and trend log energy consumptions via your bms if it’s available.

Mechanical Services
Commercial & Residential Buildings

Our Team Includes Mechanical Electricians and Building Automation Technicians (BMS)

Mechanical Services encompasses many disciplines.

We have the resources to perform the Mechanical Services works for your building, providing you a holistic service for compliance.

✅ Annual Fire Safety Statement
✅ Fire Dampers, Damper Control, BMS Control
✅ Air and Water Balance
✅ Chiller annuals and monthly Maintenance
✅ Building Automation (BMS) and Controls
✅ Carbon Monoxide Fan Control
✅ Main Plant Maintenance
✅ Essential services testing and routine maintenance
✅ Pump and Fans
✅ Air Handling Units, Fan Coil units Package units and the like
✅ Preventative maintenance regimes
✅ Site Audits and inspections / Technical Due Diligence
✅ Mechanical Services Switchboards / Motor Control Centres

What are the HVAC services disciplines we provide?

Our Key areas of focus in Mechanical Services / HVAC Maintenance are:

Why Choose Us

  • Experience in Understanding Systems in a building as a unit
  • Our BMS Experience means no “grey” areas, no Demarcation
  • Our Energy Audit team is on your onside, ensuring the best technology is implemented optimizing every Kilojoule of energy Possible
  • We are CM3 Prequalified, taking the worry out of any WHS, Insurance, and safety concerns.
  • Our access to greater resources when we need them, no one knows everything, but we know where t find the answers and the skills when we need to.

Call to action fault finding in a mechanical services control panel in the Sydney CBD australia.