Energy Management for Commercial Buildings

Our Energy Management Systems (EMS) are tailored to suit your building’s requirements and the goals in your budget; energy is measured, logged, and reported via internet or intranet, Power meters, gas meters, fluid energy meters, and others are connected to our web server for trend logging and report deliver via e-mail in PDF, or spreadsheet.

Reduce Costs | Improve NABERS | Improve Income

Resource and Energy Management For Commercial Buildings

Power Meters | Gas Meters | Fluid Energy Meters | water meters,
Monitor and Record

One of the benefits of technology is the “Fluid Energy Meter,” which offers the opportunity to trend an Integer of Kilowatts of Chilled Water, Hot water, and Condenser water. This can be used to measure individual systems’ energy consumption when a common system is installed throughout a building. Condenser water for supplementary air conditioning for board rooms or for tenant-owned data centers becomes measurable, and it becomes more accurate to bill tenants for their energy consumption.
energy parrameter trend log
This is a whole other discussion, but, worth keeping in mind if you are considering system upgrades or improving the Nabers rating of our building.

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Monitoring needs to be trend logged with the core measurements to ascertain patterns and coincidences. Gaining an understand of what happens in a given set of events opens the doors to huge opportunities for improvement.
Although this might seem a little daunting, it’s not, common sense prevails and the “penny will drop” once you review the information you have been trending.

Energy Automation

Giving you back your time is the core purpose of automation and the features it provides.
Reducing your costs and optimizing every kilojoule of energy provides a long term return on investment. When you add it up, including your indirect time savings, the investment is typically a simple decision.

Energy Management System Control:

An EMS (Energy Management System) can provide plant equipment, lighting, and other assets controlled in coordination with energy consumption. Energy monitor & report for specific functional areas, such as data centers, “supervision” of other systems.

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Energy Management System Software:

Software costs can be reduced by our web server delivering data to your computer and then you Manually handling the data into spreadsheets and so forth for scrutinizing, or we can reduce this by providing different levels of software integration to suit your specific requirements.

Energy Management For Commercial Buildings

Start with an Audit and create a BenchMark to from.

Energy Audit at your Facility.

An Energy Audit, Level 1, is the first stage to gaining control and visibility into your energy consumption within your facility. The level 1 Energy Audit sets the benchmark to make improvements from which to take measurements and verification. The Audit is the first component to making your commercial facility a more sustainable building.
A level 1 Energy Audit is critical to establish where the money is being spent and to measure the strategies our Energy Management Systems deliver post their installation. We provide One, Level 1 Energy Audit, as Part of our energy management System when a 12-month service agreement is purchased, or separately, ask us for details.

Our Energy Management Services Outline includes:

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✔ Power Metering of sub-main switchboards, Main Switchboards
✔ Power Metering of Mechanical and Lighting Control Centres
✔ Fluid Energy Metering (chilled water, Heating hot water)
✔ Web server delivery of reports, e-mail alerts, and alarms
✔ Fuel Monitoring (gas meters, Diesel)
✔ Generator Monitoring
Building Management System Integration, upgrades, modifications
Recommendations and costing
✔ Switchboard and lighting control panels, upgrades, and maintenance
✔ Automated Energy Management Strategies (with Hi and lo alarms)
✔ Whole Site System integration (Vertical transport, Hydraulic, Fire)
✔ Software (Niagara AX, EMS, BMS, Lon, BACnet, Mod bus)
✔ Water and Gas metering
✔ Automated Lighting Control
Access Control linked with Energy management
✔ Data Centres and Communications Rooms a specialty

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The Internet of Things – IoT
Internet of Things or IoT is a buzz word, and it is a very relevant buzz word in the process of looking after buildings and ensuring they are keeping up with their peers with the best products, systems, and integration available.
It’s not a huge cost, but it is an investment in your building’s performance and outcomes in terms of value and fiduciary performance.

Energy Management Strategies

Your Commercial Building will have Energy Conservation Opportunities.
Opportunities to reduce costs on energy bills in either the tenancy or the base building are not exhaustive; there is a point when the return on investment can make strategies uneconomical, but that can change with time as new ideas, and new technology comes on to the market making those opportunities which were previously nonviable, viable.

How Can We Save You Money With Energy

There are many options, the least expensive with the greatest returns is via maintenance “key performance indicators” with specific targets to be achieved during the maintenance, this is especially effective with the HVAC mechanical Services System. Other Opportunities include:

✔ Improving Building Management Systems.
✔ Variable Speed Drives installed on Fan and Pump Motors.
✔ Electrical Energy Metering integrated into your “BMS”.
✔ Stand-alone Energy Management System.
✔ Fluid Energy Metering integrated into Your “BMS”.
✔ Energy Audits
✔ Separately measuring the Electrical Energy of your HVAC Switchboard(s).
✔ Installing Car Park Carbon Monoxide Fan Control Systems.
✔ High-Level Interface Major energy Consuming Assets into your BMS (e.g. Chillers, Motor VSDs, Elevators).
✔ Trend logging these Energy monitoring points into your BMS and creating control strategies around these

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