Commercial Buildings Maintenance Checklist

Commercial Buildings Maintenance Checklist

Commercial buildings maintenance Checklist.

Your commercial building has a huge amount of integrated services and systems. Change one, and you affect another. You may not see it straight away, but under a given set of conditions, such as fire mode, equipment may respond in undesirable ways.

Keeping your maintenance regime up to date with regular full-function testing ensures any changes are discovered early before any real damage is done.

Fundamentally understanding how the systems and services work together is our specialty and an important core foundation to ensure all the discipline’s systems and services work together effectively.

Maintenance Regimes in Facility Management

To ensure your commercial building runs like clockwork, consider the Maintenance Regime checklist below. It’s not conclusive, but it is a starting point and may prompt you to remember others specific to your site, from which you can drill down to more specifics.

  • Fire Protection (AFSS)
  • General Electrical
  • Mechanical Electrical
  • Access Control
  • Cooling Tower Chemical dosing
  • Roof Anchors
  • Cooling Tower third-party testing
  • Sub-soil Pumps
  • Window Cleaning
  • Mechanical Services (HVAC)
  • Car Park Carbon Monoxide Control
  • Town Water Pumps
  • Common Area Cleaning
  • Garden maintenance
  • Gas Boiler (HHW)
  • RPZ Valves/Non Return/tempering
  • NBN / Data
  • Automation/BMS
  • LED Lighting
  • Vertical Rise/Lifts
  • Main Switchboards
  • Test & Tag / RCDs
  • Cooling Tower RMP
  • Automatic Doors
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Diesel Generator

All of these will be divided up further into more specific components.

There are also opportunities to bring multiple maintenance contracts into single disciplines or trades.

Programmed Facility Management Sydney Melbourne

“Run to Fail”….. is a strategy.

The Vintage of some equipment may prompt you to ask yourself what is the point of maintaining it and continuing to spend your client’s dollar on equipment that is loaded with false economics.

The false economics can vary. Taking into consideration the energy usage of new equipment versus old equipment and the cost of ongoing maintenance with the repairs that the maintenance is uncovering.

We can write the business case for you with the numbers. Energy consumption is a huge part of the maths as the reduced cost in energy with a new item of equipment should cover the installation cost of the new equipment over a given time period (hopefully just 12 months)

Forte Asset Services Field Technician working on a control panel serving the travelator in Sydney, NSW

Maintenace Management

The maintenance management of your high energy-consuming foxed asset, as part of your facility management comprehensive agreement, is vital in preserving the value of the investment for the long term.

Underestimating the replacement of the cost of a fixed asset can make the difference between replacing an item at the “end of life” now or persevering with it for another 12 months or so, with the caveat of any major repairs are not to be done.

(FYI, these are two Sprinkler System Alarm Valves. When a sprinkler head activates, the water pressure will quickly change in the pipe, the valve will open, allowing pressured water to activate a switch and call the Fire Brigade. These Sprinkler Alarm Valves must be overhauled every 5 years as per the Australian Standard 1851-2012). This task should be included in your maintenance regime for any building with a sprinkler system installed.

sprinkler system alarm valves in a fire control room near the entry level of the Sydney based Commercial Building

Australian Standards and your Maintenance Checklist

The Australian Standards make requirements for maintenance activities and time periods are a part of their minimum requirements.

Building your Commercial Buildings Maintenance Checklist work with the relevant Australian Standards. This will ensure you capture the basics scope and the minimum time periods between site visits for the relevant maintenance.

A few Examples are set out below.

  • Fire Protection (AFSS) – Annual
  • Emergency Lighting – Six Months
  • Cooling Tower Chemical dosing
  • Roof Anchors – Annual
  • Cooling Tower third-party testing – 3 monthly
  • Car Park Carbon Monoxide Control – Six Months
  • Town Water Pumps (non-retune value – Annual
  • Gas Boiler (HHW) – Annual
  • RPZ Valves/Non Return/tempering – Annual
  • Test & Tag / RCDs – Annual
  • Cooling Tower RMP – Annual
  • Automatic Doors – Annual (part of AFSS)
Forte asset services Team member working on sump pump after basment flood in Sydney CBD building

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