Building Maintenance Solutions


Forte Technical Building Maintenance Solutions offers 3 distinct proactive and technology-led preventative maintenance regimes to add value to our customers’ operations.

Our service models have been developed around our customers’ individual and unique needs, particularly with respect to:

Energy Conservation
Fixed Asset Registration, Control, and Life term
Transparency and Value in the service model, including cloud-based job management systems
Workplace Health & Safety | CM3 Prequalification | Contractor Management
Optimizing Technology for greater value and Return On Investment
(our background in Building Automation & Tridium offers a greater opportunity to gain more value from an existing BMS incorporating greater monitoring into the mainteance systems)
Innovation in Global building systems to investigate and deliver a greater opportunity for tangible building performance improvements and operations

An Asset Register Forms the Foundation of your Maintenance Regime

There is no one-size-fits-all approach.

We listen to your needs, discuss what your business and it’s facility requires, and tailor a maintenance approach to deliver the optimal results for your business and Return on Investment in your assets.

Our methodology provides you ownership and enhanced management information for your business, the foundation of which being your asset register, enabling you to make informed and confident decisions.

Forte Preventative Building Maintenance Tailored Agreements

Forte’s approach for your Building Maintenance Solutions is to create a service that operates, in true partnership with you; sharing common values, constantly reviewing and developing both people and our service delivery model, and bringing added value to our Tailored Agreements with you. Constantly pursuing Operational Excellence in Every Building

Three Fundamental Tailored Agreements for your Building Maintenance Solutions

Our business-focused approach to maintenance delivers enhanced statutory compliance using the latest technology while ensuring your assets are working to optimum effect, enhancing their lifecycle, reducing costs and enabling your organisation to focus on its core business.

Business Focused Maintenance
Prescribed Maintenance
Compliance Maintenance

Building Maintenance Solutions

Each of our Building Maintenance Solutions provides you with the transparency of information, Photo-based documentation, clear and precise planned maintenance regime, and Workplace Health and Safety monitoring & Support.
This commences with Forte working closely with customers during the initial mobilization stage to understand their exact reporting requirements.

Forte Gold:
Business Focused Maintenance

Forte Gold is built upon the Silver and Bronze foundations with precise added value to Support you Running your Building as a fully Serviced Business, which puts value to the bottom line.

Consider the added value and precision these services can bring:
✔ Live Fixed Asset Register from the basis of your maintenance regime
✔ Energy Performance; improve your NABERS rating with an energy performance guarantee
✔ Maintenance Regime Business Plan
✔ Building Automation System Upgrades to improve energy control

Forte Silver:
Prescribed Maintenance

Forte Silver is based around the Australian and industry standards for planned maintenance schedules, in Multiple Disciplines.

The Silver Service provides for 4 core fundamental building maintenance solutions; we provide technical services via our employees:


Forte Bronze:
Compliance Maintenance

Our is Forte Bronze tailored agreements are built upon statutory and legal governance, ensuring compliance with legislation.
The maintenance is scheduled through our web-enabled job Management system, with client access available.
✔ Annual Fire Safety Statements
✔ Vessel Certifications
✔ Roof Anchor Certifications
✔ Life Plant Certifications
✔ Cooling Towers
✔ Backflow Prevention & Mixing Valves
✔ Test and Tag / RCD
✔ Thermal Graphic Switchboard Scans
✔ and others as required by the council

Building Maintenance Solutions
Optimizing Technology in Maintenance

Remote Building Monitoring.

Be in front of your Tenants via Remote Building Monitoring System

Let your tenants know there has been a problem BEFORE they let you know!

Optimize your Existing Building Automation System or BMS and the additional services provided by external monitoring companies to keep your tenant in the know, BEFORE they make a complaint.
There are at least 4 opportunities right now.
1️⃣ The Fire Panel has an “ASE”, have this system notify you on mobile if the is an alarm trip and the brigade is called. One phone call to set this up
2️⃣ Ensure your BMS is set up so that high-level alarms send a Text and Email to you and the contractor. 4 hours labor to set this up
3️⃣ Connect your elevator control system (via volt free contacts) to your BMS for high-level alarms so a text or email is sent if there is a failure
4️⃣ Your Retail energy Provider can send you an email if power is lost and a record each day of energy consumption and other parameters – One phone call To set this Up.

We set this up for our customers all the time and bring these alerts to the account manager and a field technician. We call you when there is a fault before you call us. then you can let your tenants know the situation is in hand BEFORE they call you

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