Residential Apartment Building Maintenance

We offer a boutique repertoire of residential apartment building maintenance services and tailored agreements to support owners and strata managers in the upkeep and statutory compliance of your apartment building.


Our Trades People and Technicians, who perform the residential apartment building maintenance services, are employed by us. Sub-contracting is used from time to time for those more unique tasks.

We Employ

On-going training of our people and their local knowledge of the residential apartment buildings, contacts, processes, and idiosyncrasies of every site is valuable.

By using our employees at every possible opportunity we avid any “layering”, keeping costs to a minimum, and we keep the knowledge in our team for future reference.

Major tradespeople and technicians we employ include (but not limited to):

☑ General Light and Power Electricians
☑ Mechanical Services HVAC Electricians
☑ Building Automation technicians (BMS / Controls)
Fire Protection Technicians (All Accredited FPAS)
☑ Mechanical Services Technicians
☑ Handman / ad-hoc

Core Fundamentals Which Ensure Your Success

To develop and maintain a maintenance regime in any building, two clear responsibilities are needed.
These are safety and Management.
We use a third-party monitoring and safety system with a Company known as CM3 and
we use a computerized cloud-based job management system ( 2 in fact – AROFLO and Uptick)

Workplace Safety First

Zero Harm in the Workplace

Using the CM3 system we are audited and revered every 12 months. This ensures our safety systems are current and effective.

Computerized Job Management System – Cloud-based

Cloud-Based Job management means technicians have access to information from site.

A could-based job management system is a must for any business that provides on going support and compliance for others. It is critical to have records, and it is critical to have the ability to review records.

Your Building, Your Tailored Maintenance Agreement

Every Situation, every Building, and every budget is unique.
All our Residential Apartment Building Maintenance agreements are tailored to the site’s specific requirements with the owner and management.
A single service visit for corrective maintenance to the entire repertoire of maintenance services, you decide.

Key Features

A few key features an agreement may include, For example: –

✅ 24/7 After hours Emergency Call out
✅ 24/7 remote access
✅ 90 day no excuse required termination clause
✅ Access to Job Management system
✅ 12, 36 or 60 month term.
✅ Project Management
✅ System upgrades
✅ Energy Audit
✅ Monthly reporting

Key Benefits

A few core benefits which are a part of a tailored maintenance service agreement: –

✅ Call out Prioritization
✅ Lower ad-hoc “Do and Charge” Labor rates
✅ Designated Single Account manager
✅ AFSS Priority
✅ Competitive Pricing
✅ Monthly or weekly site attendance
✅ After hours 1300 number
✅ Help Desk
✅ Custom Email Account

Benefits of Working With Us

A few rewards which come to light once you start working with us

Annual Fire Safety Statement:
We take care of the statement “End to End”, including the Mechanical services, and submission to council.
If we have major repairs or maintenance upgrades in progress, we can organise the “Stay of Penalty” with the council for up to 6 months.
Critical Date Management:
Important dates such as the AFSS, lift certification, Vessel certification, Backflow prevention device, water tank certification, Main plant certification, and so on. It is tracked in the monthly reporting which we provide to your management and we ensure it is done prior to due.
Buying Power:
We reduce your costs via our tradespeople and technicians, but, we also have considerable powering power which gives savings we can pass on to you as one of our primary clients.

Energy Management:
With Our technicians and trades working in the field, when they see an item which is clearly using too much energy due to settings, due to age, due to lack of repairs, we bring it to your attention for rectification and halt the wasted energy
Our Background is based in construction. We understand the trades and can provide project management for any major project which might be part of future planning.
Building Automation:
We supply, install, program, and commission BAS/BMS systems on a regular basis. We can help with reducing Vendor captivity and offer solutions for greater energy conservation, control diversity, and KPIs for monitor point trending

Let’s Get Started, A Quick Form to Assist You Further

The following is a quick form to help us to help you if you need more information about our Residential Apartment Building Maintenance or a site visit for an appraisal and a quote: