Facility Management Services

Our Skillset, team and experience provide us with the unique position to offer facility management services to those clients that seek a more technical-based facility management team.

Our Controls (BMS) background, coupled with HVAC, Fire and Electrical, gives your asset managers and property managers a greater depth of resources in technical and trade support in your facility management provider.

Our experienced crew means we understand many of the Commercial Terms, financial responsibilities and compliance obligations of the major stakeholders.

Unique & Specific Facility Management Tailoring

Your Building, its purpose and its idiosyncracies are unique.

We tailor each client’s Facility Management system based on their resources already implemented and the future outcomes which are sought.

Your situation is always unique. In the provision of delivering a Facility management services regime. We can work with your existing team or bring in new, additional talent.

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Our Long term business relationship with our customers and our suppliers is core to our resilience and maintaining key talent in our team.

Earning your trust and keeping your trust means delivering projects and maintenance regimes that work.

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Facility Management Sustainability

Sustainability has lost its “buzzword” and status and is now a real part of our lives. This is especially so in the Facility Management of commercial buildings our Buildings.

Managing waste from contractors, tenants, visitors, and any construction is core to an effective FM Routine.

Energy Management, especially in recent times, is more than just the cause for environmental care, it is also about profit and loss in the running and maintenance of a commercial building.

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Facility Management Reporting and Documentation

Any Facility Management team will be using at least one software package. The core of this software is data entry.

By linking our Field Technicians to the asset they are working on in a separate job number, then the faults and maintenance of that asset are tracked and easily searched for review over time.

Linking fixed assets from the most basic to their parent asset and so forth means “drilling down” to understand cause and effect, life term, and repeat failures becomes a logical process.

Photos are imported, and any defects with their photos are also recorded against the asset with a description of the issues and any rectifications. A strong Asset management/job management system is fundamental to making reports logical to understand

Technical and Trade

We offer many technical and trade-based services often served by our own crew. This saves you time and money as we are invested in your building and keen to observe all the compliance and service obligations we promise.

Fire Protection Team performing Annual FIre Safety Statement inspections

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