Commercial Property Asset Services

Commercial Property Asset Services

Sydney, Parramatta, Melbourne and Canberra

Commercial Property Asset Services Serving Property, Strata, and Facility Managers. Delivering comprehensive corrective, planned, and routine maintenance services.

Detailed reporting, with before and after photos, ensures easy understanding of the completed works and defects to be rectified and/or quoted.

Employed technicians include Fire, General Electrical, Mechanical Electrical, Controls, and Mechanical/HVAC. All relevant insurances, accreditations (FPAA), Licensing and Workplace health and safety systems.

Commercial Property Asset Services; Trade and technical services, Repairs, Maintenance, Upgrades, installation, projects, corrective and planned Maintenance for commercial property

Commercial Property Experience

Experience in commercial building construction, upgrades of occupied and unoccupied buildings, and ongoing maintenance agreements in multiple disciplines. This ensures all the “grey” areas are covered and there are few variations or unexpected works.

Warranty on Labour and factory warranty on parts with all repairs, installations, and upgrade projects.

Customers are offered many choices and arrangements to suit their needs for their on-site fixed assets. Every building and every client is unique.

Fire protection services are based upon the annual fire safety statement and the synergies with related services such as lighting and HVAC mechanical services, to name just one.

Cloud-Based Job Management System

To provide effective maintenance as a part of our Commercial Property Asset Services, all jobs are logged, monitored and invoiced from a cloud-based job management system. We have a dedicated employee who “drives” this system daily, ensuring technicians arrive on-site knowledgeable of the job, tools, ladders, equipment and parts ready to go.

This system links to technician’s phones and tablets. Photos of work before and after completion ensure a logical progression and understanding of the completed task.

Commercial Property Asset Services - Forte Electrcian working on the installation of a ABB variable Speed Drive to servie the Cooling Tower fan in this residential Sydney Apartment complex

Commercial Property Asset Services

Skills Sets and Workplace Health & Safety

Commercial property maintenance, projects, upgrades of various trades and technical services are properly managed via Workplace Health and Safety systems. This includes job site safety evaluations, Tool Box talks, safe method statements (SWMS) and other regular WHS documentation.

We engage CM3 for regular oversight of our systems.

Commercial Property Asset Services Forte Technicans seeking a specific repair under the concret slab. All WHS protocols in place including flouro shirts, PPE, Boots, Area taped off etc -

Sustainability and Waste Management

Our Customers want more than their assets maintained, repaired and running efficiently; they want the rubbish we create removed with an environmental conscience and minimal effect on their commercial premises and the environment.

Commercial Property Asset Services Waste removal in a manner which is environmnetally friendly by seperating what is recyclable and disposing off at a recycling station

Sustainability and Energy Management

Energy Management in Commercial Property Asset Services includes effective lighting upgrades to LED systems that are both long-lasting, lengthy warranties and provide the lumens necessary for the lighting conditions, such as car parks.

Shortcuts with lower-cost fittings is not effective for the long term and is simply a false economy. New LED Lighting needs a factory warranty of at least 3 years, preferably 5.

Our Customers want more from their trade and technical services providers. They are seeking to improve the value of their commercial property assets and keep ongoing maintenance and repairs at an effective level. This in turn, serves their tenants well to keep the outgoings management at a minimum charge.

Waste removal in a manner which is environmnetally friendly by seperating what is recyclable and disposing off at a recycling station

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We offer many services, most via employees, as we dislike sub-contracting unless absolutely necessary. Transparency on this is always available in both the reporting and the invoicing.

Agreements are customer-friendly; preference is based on customer satisfaction. We would like you to renew agreements based on our performance as a team, providing you with clear documentation and physical results in the field that are cost-effective and easily managed.

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One last thing: the exhaust fan in the picture is in a residential apartment complex; it is controlled via the Fire Indication Panel (FIP) and is monitored by the Fire Indication Panel as part of the HVAC mechanical services system.

What’s the defect, in this picture, that prevented us from submitting the Annual Fire Safety Statement without actions being completed first?

Waste removal in a manner which is environmnetally friendly by seperating what is recyclable and disposing off at a recycling station

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Waste removal in a manner which is environmnetally friendly by seperating what is recyclable and disposing off at a recycling station