Technical Projects and Maintenance

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More Than Just Maintenance

We offer our Clientele a comprehensive suite of maintenance, facilities and asset services with access to specialised suppliers and in-house technical and trade staff.

Our Vision, for every building we manage, is to create operational excellence in an integrated facility management system with a single point of responsibility.

We operate in both Melbourne and Sydney

Your Customer’s Impressions

Your customer’s and the customers of your tenants are forming an opinion about your Building and your company, based on their impressions and experience of your Building.

We want to make the best first impression possible to the community, tenants, visitors and investors alike.
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How can we improve these impressions, and secondly, how can we reduce the expenditure, without negatively affecting the performance of the facility.

Optimizing for Energy Efficiency

Is your Building running as a holistic system with all the parts working together efficiently, optimizing every joule of energy for maximum benefit of tenants and investors alike?

Do your tenants want to do business here?
Do the visitors feel safe?
Are the occupants conformatable all year round?

Income Potential

Effective Technical Projects and Maintenance in your Building will deliver improved income.

Your Tenant retention improves, your visitor impressions improve and the overall business of the building improves. This, in turn, is providing the Landlord with a healthy profit and the tenants with healthy business environment.
It’s a “Win Win.

Tailored to SuitIntegrated Facility Management - Forte Team member on site performing fire services testing and maintenance

What works on one building doesn’t always work with another. Every building is unique, and every landlord’s situation is unique.

Understanding the parameters, not just in terms of budgets, but in terms of key tenant requirements, long terms goals and ambitions of the Landlord, and local “peers” to your facility, which are competing for your tenant’s dollar.

Our Technical Projects and Maintenance services is about ensuring your building is in front of your peers. This makes your facility more attractive to both tenants and investors, and ensure our long term business relationship with you.


Your Building needs a knowledgeable and reliable team to tend to it’s every requirement. A team which knows the facets of Technical Projects and Maintenance Services with the technical “know-how” gained through experience.

You need a team which has the technical and trade background to know where to source information and specialist skills when the situation requires it.

Technical Projects and Maintenance, Your Asset Services

We have worked many times with commercial property, including Retail, Commercial office Buildings, Education, Entertainment, Medical and CBD Hotels.
Understanding the pressure on the Asset managers to demonstrate tangible results and savings in the cost ledger, to the Landlord, is fundamental to their asset performance and management.

It is the core to long term business relationships and long term asset stability and Facility performance reputation.

Fundamental Asset ServicesIntegrated Facility Management - forte Building technician

Reducing costs in programmed or scheduled maintenance, repairs and projects, is a core fundamental in the delivery of Asset Services in commercial and residential buildings

While offering competitive rates and experienced people in a comprehensive scope of trade services, we manage, report and deliver with a view to improve overall Building performance inclusive of energy, budgets, tenant retention, income and overall impressions.

Your Customer’s Have High Expectations and Your Competitors Are Keen to win Their Business.

Your Building’s maintenance, functionality, performance, energy foot print and cleanliness reflects on your asset’s reputation and, ultimately, reflects in the value of the asset.

A Comprehensive Range of Asset Services to Suit Your Situation.

Consider one point of responsibility, with transparent invoicing and a cloud based Maintenance Management documentation system, our Clients have access to.Facility Management Commercial Buildings-09


One Organization to Service All your Asset’s Technical Services Maintenance calls.

  1. Improve Time, Improve Performance, Reduce Risk and Reduce Costs;
  2. With the experience, expertise and dedication of our Facility Services Team.
  3. Outsource your Maintenance Management and recover your time.

“You will spend 11 times more without preventative maintenance”

Streamline building performance efficiency with an effective Building Services Maintenance team using technology, experience and expertise to enhance your building’s operations and visibility into the maintenance process.

Building Services Maintenance should include proper scheduling, recording and monitoring of the maintenance system within the operations of a building. Reducing down time and extending the life of your building’s assets.

Integrated Building Maintenance Services Electrician investigating a fault in a mechanical services switch board with a volt meter

Considerations on site will include job safety analysis, presentation, timely delivery, work cover insurance and business insurance, compliance to on site protocols, “white card” industry induction and any delivery concerns.

Our Building Services Maintenance Management’s construction and project back ground ensure risk minimization, and optimizing value for money from any vendor.


We offer the flexibility and tailoring to met the site’s specific needs, including sustainability objectives, engineering, and budgets; by empowering effective communications and diligence with our vendors and our client, we can negotiate many of the issues and deliver an outcome that is satisfactory to all.

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