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Asset & Technical Services in
Commercial and Residential Buildings

Considering a change in your technical services provider?

Frustrated! You have no Documentation for Senior Management Meetings!

It is like pulling teeth when asking the Fire services Crew, or the Mechanical Services Crew for paper work and supportive documentation.Asset services in Commercial and Residential property Sydney and Melbourne

You’re Time Poor!
You’re Not Even sure the Work has been Properly Completed

Your Landlord is an overseas client, they can’t see and are asking a lot of questions, they are looking for “comfort” all is ok with their multi-million dollar investment they entrusted with YOU!
You need photos, you need data sheets, you need procurement lists, you need evidence from your Contractor(s) the work is being done; is it compliant and is it up to Australian Standards.

  • Incumbent Contractors Documentation is non existent
  • Safe Work Method Statements are vague at best
  • Service Dockets are eligible when they are submitted
  • No Schedules of equipment or maintenance
  • No Spread sheets or registers for essential services such as fire damper checks
  • But Wait….they have sent you an invoice

Are You Serious About a Change

Firstly, are you keen to reduce costs without compromising services and support?

Whether you own, or manage, a commercial building, or perhaps you are a tenant is an office, or you live in a residential hi-rise apartment block.Terminating a vendor

Which ever your situation is, we offer effective asset services which can and will boost your building’s overall  performance.

Reducing energy costs and extending the life term of critical equipment, including fire systems, hvac systems, electrical and automation.

Why is it so Important to Properly Maintain you Building?

Your customer’s are forming an opinion about your company, and your tenants, based on their impressions and experience of your Building. Firstly, how can we improve these impressions, and secondly, how can we reduce the expenditure at the same time?Asset HVAC Mechanical Services Audit

Asset Services

Reducing costs in programmed or scheduled maintenance, repairs and projects, is a core fundamental in the delivery of Asset Services in commercial and residential buildings

While offering competitive rates and experienced people in a comprehensive scope of trade services, we manage, report and deliver with a view to improve overall Building performance.

Technical Trade Services such as Electrical, Mechanical and Fire can be internally procured subject to our clients wishes.

Facility Management Electrician investigating a fault in a mechanical services switch board with a volt meter

Reducing costs in building performance and energy management

Your customer’s have high expectations and your competitors are keen to win their business.

Your Building’s Maintenance, functionality, performance and Cleanliness Reflects on Your Building’s Reputation Ultimately the Maintenance and performance of the building reflects in it’s value.

A Comprehensive range of Property Services to suit your situation.

Consider one point of responsibility, with transparent invoicing and a cloud based Maintenance Management system our Clients have access to.

  • Internal Procurement of Electrical, Mechanical Electrical, General Electrical
  • Internal Procurement HVAC,
  • Internal Procurement Fire
  • Internal Procurement  Automation.
  • Internal Procurement Emergency Lighting maintenance and repairs
  • Asset register for major fixed assets such as HVAC, Fire and Vertical Rise
  • Documentation and reporting tailored to suit your requirements.
  • Agreements based upon AS 4900.
  • Annual fire Safety Statement completed by us, no additional consultants to Pay.
  • Construction back ground in electrical Automation and HVAC services.
  • and many others.

One organization to service all your Building Services Maintenance calls.

  1. Improve Time, Improve Performance, Reduce Risk and Reduce Costs;
  2. With the experience, expertise and dedication of our Facility Services Team.
  3. Outsource your Maintenance Management and recover your time.

“You will spend 11 times more without preventative maintenance”

Streamline building performance efficiency with an effective Building Services Maintenance team using technology, experience and expertise to enhance your building’s operations and visibility into the maintenance process.
Building Services Maintenance should include proper scheduling, recording and monitoring of the maintenance system within the operations of a building. Reducing down time and extending the life of your building’s assets.

Considerations on site will include job safety analysis, presentation, timely delivery, work cover insurance and business insurance, compliance to on site protocols, “white card” industry induction and any delivery concerns.

Our Building Services Maintenance Management’s construction and project back ground ensure risk minimization, and optimizing value for money from any vendor.


We offer the flexibility and tailoring to met the site’s specific needs, including sustainability objectives, engineering, and budgets; by empowering effective communications and diligence with our vendors and our client, we can negotiate many of the issues and deliver an outcome that is satisfactory to all.
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