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Energy Management Systems

Energy Management Systems Commercial Buildings

We can tailor a cost effect Energy Management Solution for part or all of the Property

  1. What is the time frame to show savings on the budget sheet?
  2. What are your objectives? To save money? To create accountability? To Measure and report?
  3. Do you Need a Energy Management System or do You an Audit to Fix a problem?
  4. Have you had any Energy audits?

Energy Management Systems:

Energy management Systems (E.M.S) can be a multitasking, web based system with a plethora of measuring and recording tools……and a diversity costs with the various benefits and user friendly data interrogation tools. These systems offer a huge diversity of data, and will usually require some labor input to maximize the data which is produced. Is this what you need? Or Are you after a system that will interface to existent systems (typically your onsite BMS) and yo simply access a few “trend logs”, chart them manually and your done, say 2 to 4 hours per month of analysis? It really depends upon your site, the number of difference practicalities of the site and how “deep and meaningful” you want or need your energy management to be.

Tailored Energy Management

We can tailor an Energy Management System to suit your building, be that commercial, industrial or a residential apartment complex, and deliver data which suits your objectives. We have Nabers training and qualified electricians in our employ, this means we don’t need to outsource which reduces your costs and is better for our efficiency.

Due Diligence

If you are in the market for an EMS, consider visiting the Nabers web site, Nabers link, even just ten minutes here will assist you to understand how the Nabers assessor thinks, and where to invest your money in regards to the best outcome from implementing an EMS.

Technical Stuff

Do you need some technical information? Consider the following:

  • Number and purpose of Electrical Switchboards, are they lighting, air condition, and so forth
  • Which energy systems are common and you would like to measure independently without a major refurbishment?
  • Can you access drawings (this will reduce your labour costs if you go forward)
  • What about implementing just a small system with the view to extend at a later date?
  • Do you have common chilled water, condenser water or heating hot water systems
  • Have you looked at the lighting system? There can be inexpensive saving made here by changing the diversity of the lighting control
  • Is the air conditioning a considerable cost in the energy bill?
  • There are many other considerations also, but lets take one step at a time

Call today, we will come and visit, no charge, and let you know the next step and best possible budget price

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