Unsupervised Buildings

Unsupervised sites, buildings, Commercial and Residential

The Brief:

To assist our Clients with unsupervised sites in maintaining the site and ensuring the site can remain unsupervised yet be safe, compliant and functional.

Unsupervised Building: to Explain

To Explain

Have you ever been to a 24 hours gym?
If you have, you’ll notice there is a difference in equipment between a 24 hours gym and a gym with staff. The reasons are for safety, durability, and function (or “fit for purpose”).

It is similar to Buildings, be the type of building a car park, a shopping centre, a commercial office block, or an industrial park. The equipment is designed and installed with an added purpose in mind, and that is, it is not going to be in view as often as a supervised site that is staffed.

Some Examples Added Benefits and Features for an Unsupervised Site.

unsupervised buildings fire services technician from Forte Asset Services

To give you a few examples:

  • All Fire doors and Access to fire equipment are the 003 key
  • Any Panels which are in the public space and need to be locked are locked via a keypad or coded lock, not a key
  • QR code is installed for any and all our contractors and staff to “log” into the site, so we know who is on-site and when
  • CCTV is installed with motion detectors in specialized areas, including:
    • Switchboard rooms
    • Essential services Pump rooms
    • Fire indication panel room
    • Any specific area which is vulnerable and needs to be monitored
  • There is a greater level of integrating and monitoring via the Building management system
  • A higher level of SMS and emails are received for a greater number of motioning points which are covered via the extended BMS
  • Monthly Fire Maintenance tests and checks include a “walk about” to check the physical condition of essential equipment; this includes:

Maintenance Scope is Modified Slightly.

To Serve our Customers on these unsupervised sites, firstly, we train our team of technicians to be vigilant and to report, via email or phone, if they spot something out of the ordinary.

Secondly, the technician is to take a quick photo and send it with a comment to the relevant property or facility manager for the site.

unsupervised buildings tradespeople at work from Forte asset services

Finally, we see this come through our Asset Management System for future reference, should it be needed. This also provides client support at a later date.

Monthly Preventive Maintenance Extended Scope

The Fire services typically require attendance each month. In the unsupervised sites, we include a visual “Walk About” to designated areas or Zones each month, subject to the size of the site and any areas of continued concern.

For example:

  • Month 1, all general lighting
  • Month 2, all main switch rooms and distribution switchboards
  • etc

Essentially we are performing part of the role of a “Building Manager”, just less frequently.

What’s in it for Us

Firstly, we might win the first refusal on the work, depending upon what we find, where it is, and if it is in our capability scope.
Secondly, we learn the site’s anomalies and characteristics to greater depth, offering other services in our scope as the issues may demand
thirdly, we build a greater rapport with our clients as conversations are more frequent and support orientated.

What’s in it for the Client?

Firstly, lower costs as their time is reduced on site.
Secondly, the site simply becomes easier to manage
Thirdly, they have our asset Management System to track everything making their reporting to management a little easier.

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