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Operations Strategy in Commercial Buildings One Operations Strategy in Commercial Buildings that will make your day better in Facility Management This is a simple operations strategy, when engaging vendors, suppliers, and contractors, in commercial and residential buildings, can make facility management easier. Operations Strategy in Commercial Property The fundamental suppliers, who work for or within […]

A Fire & HVAC Maintenance Short Cut to Avoid An uncomfortable conversation. A little bit about us We look after buildings, be they residential strata apartment blocks, Commercial, Retail, industrial, CBD Hotels, Clubs, and so forth. Our Prime core business is in the trades and technical services, in particular Fire protection services, HVAC Mechanical Services, […]

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Building Recommissioning Improving Building Overall Performance. When do we need to perform building recommissioning?What will it achieve?What is the cost?How thorough should we be? What is Building Recommissioning? Why would we need to recommission our Building When a building is commissioned at the end of construction, the D.L.P, (Defects Liability Period) will typically begin, that […]

Crisis Management

Negating the “Management by Crisis” Scenario! Mitagating Reactive Management with Technology, that is, Intelligent Buildings. Typically, Management by Crisis or Reactive management, is a result of lack of resources, every industry manager has had the experience and every manager looks forward to the crisis coming to a swift and economic conclusion. So how do we […]

Do you keep an Asset Register Database for your building? Creating and Maintaining an Asset register is not always on the priority list of the facility manager, but, it’s a good indication as to the work load the manager has, and if there is time enough to maintain some sort of asset register. The register […]

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Pneumatic Controls Building Management Systems – Pneumatic Controls Popular back in the 1970’s and 1980’s, major concerns like Honeywell and Johnson Controls had many projects supplied with Pneumatic Controls, some or at least parts are still in service, especially damper and valve actuators. Optimizing the torque in these actuators via an “E to P” device. […]

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Sick Building Syndrome Building Management System Is your building “unwell”? What is it? and does a “sick building” cost the landlord money directly and indirectly? We read about “Sick Building Syndrome” from time to time, in various publications, and we ask “what is the cost?”. The Cost to the Landlord, The Cost to the Property […]