A Fire & HVAC Maintenance Short Cut to Avoid An uncomfortable conversation. A little bit about us We look after buildings, be they residential strata apartment blocks, Commercial, Retail, industrial, CBD Hotels, Clubs, and so forth. Our Prime core business is in the trades and technical services, in particular Fire protection services, HVAC Mechanical Services, […]

Fire Systems technician performing programmed maintenance

Fire Indication Panel Programming The Issues which Arise When Multiple Fire Services Vendors Program the Same Fire Indication Panel. The Brief We attended site to perform a full function Fire system and Mechanical services Test for the Annual Fire Safety Statement. The test was set for a weekend and all the relevant technicians were on […]

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AFSS Annual Budget Blow Out Fire Systems Maintenance Commercial & Residential Buildings Attention Property Manager’s, Facility Manager’s and Building Manager’s Landlords, Commercial Tenants and All Stakeholders! Ever been held to ransom by a Fire Services Contractor? Are you receiving large Quotes and Bills around the time the Annual Fire Safety Statement is Due? Does this […]

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Fire Sprinkler System – Looking From the Inside Out Do you love our picture, it has a certain volcanic, interplanetary look to it I think. It is, in fact, the inside of a sprinkler pipe, which is just over 30 years old. Boring I hear you say! Well, if you’re a metallurgist its fascinating and […]