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We specialise in providing Technical and Trade services delivered individually, or, in a holistic package.

Serving discerning Commercial and Residential Property owners in the major east coast capital cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, we offer a wide variety of essential and non-essential services.

With a Foundation in Mechanical Electrical, Controls, and HVAC Services, both in Project and Maintenance, provides a significant knowledge bank and buying power for our clientele.

Offering a unique opportunity of competitive rates and experienced performance for those property owners seeking a tailored service.

Our point of difference is in our Controls and Automation background.

Understanding how buildings work as a single holistic integrated system ensures essential and non-essential services are carefully considered in the implementation of maintenance and projects.

The Foundation in controls has provided us with the unique experience of knowing how the core building systems, such as fire, Elevators, water, HVAC, Lighting, air-conditioning, and many other services work & function together.



Operational Excellence in Every Building!



“To deliver tangible, meaningful results, exceeding expectations, and Committing to vested ownership in outcomes with our Clientele ”



Your Building Need Us,
You Just Don’t Know it!

Our Commitment to Excellence
Ensures your Peace of Mind

About us | Value Proposition
Supporting the Asset stakeholders, including tenants, facility managers, property managers and Landlords; to develop and improve your building’s performance and enhance the value of the asset.
Reducing operations costs, improving outcomes, and mitigating risks.

The Director

When you’ve been in the property business as long as Nigel Wraight, there’s no need for a lengthy introduction or a flowery sales pitch.

Nigel’s experience, commitment and attention to detail to deliver a quality customer experience that will bring long term customer satisfaction and return on their investment.

Motivated to deliver successful outcomes Nigel’s integrity ensures the right service for the right client, tailored to meet their requirements.

We are constantly systematizing processes, maintaining paperless work practices where ever possible, and using the Internet to its maximum potential to provide on-going technical and remote support for our clientele.

We use systems software and check lists for verification constantly, we like to know about a problem before you do.

This in turn reflects in value for money, in our delivery, our performance and in your bottom line..

Our technical and trade background, our experience in HVAC, electrical, building management systems, and construction serves to deliver a less bureaucratic and more systematized customer experience.

We optimize the use of technology to maximize returns from facility operations for our clientele; we are fine tuning and constantly monitoring via our people, automated products and on-site maintenance services.

A few of Our Services

We Tailor our Services to meet your Budget, your building’s compliance, in the most comprehensive package possible to minimize your time and optimize your dollar.

FIre Protection Services

HVAC Mechanical

Building Automation

Electrical Services

Emergency Lighting

Energy Management

Facility Services

Car Park Co & Fan Control

Operations & Site Management


Building Compliance

Building Services must interact with each other to make a building compliant:
Take the fire system; in fire mode, there are interactions:

  • with the Elevators,
  • with the HVAC mechanical services,
  • with the Electrical system
  • with the Electrical Switchboards (mechanical services in particular)
  • with the Fire indication panel (including control of the HVAC systems from the Fire indication panel)
  • With the Building Management System
  • With the Access Control System

This Systems integration is how we bring you peace of mind with a holistic maintenance agreement.Essential Services


  • Talk to us today about a tailored maintenance program that includes the building’s technical services.
  • Projects and new installation, in construction, in an existing building, and / or in an occupied facility.
  • We work with you and the given situation to improve your building’s performance and operational opportunities.
  • Corrective maintenance or repairs: Ask for our competitive labour rates for the various different technical services.

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