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Integral to serving our customers effectively is our Core Value “Diligence”.

Measurement and verificationelectrician testing switchboard equipment with a multi-meter with effective diligence

Is it not enough to measure parameters and verify them against other criteria? In performing effective due diligence, we ask the question, why. It is necessary to deliver tangible results to our clientele to keep their business for the long term. To do this, we assign certain parameters for measurement and verification to assess our performance in line with the building’s peers.


Energy consumption is a great example; we see the consumption of energy and compare this to the square meter area and to the air conditioning service maintenance costs. Do we see a trend? if the maintenance costs are on an upward trend, is not logical to have energy consumption in a downward trend in line with the season? A site visit with any service dockets and photos will deliver more information and logic as to what is happening in the physical world of the building.
We have a few great examples of simple observation, and acting upon that observation has saved significant funds with minimum capital ( in fact, no capital in one example)

Effective Maintenance

It is one thing to engage a company to perform maintenance, but is the maintenance being completed effective maintenance? Are you seeing regular and differing issues on site or is the Forte Asset Services Fire Systems Technician performing Scheduled Maintenance with diligencemaintenance company quiet? ( how many buildings do you know have zero maintenance problems) Do we have photo evidence of the changes and maintenance being completed? do we have the maintenance vendor providing detailed services dockets or are they just a checklist or ten words every month? do they serve the site or just the equipment in easy reach? do they rotate service technicians to ensure “new” eyes and multiple skill sets performing the maintenance?

Budget accountability

Budget accountability includes all the budgets, CAPEX, maintenance, outgoings, rent, Energy, tax, GST, etc.
Are budgets being adhered to? Are they realistic? Why and why Not? Reviewing the numbers is critical, especially moving between seasons and when tenant retention is low. Is there a relationship between tenant retention and the budget? What comparisons and diligence are being made now? What can we do to add value?

Tenant Retention

Is tenant retention average better than average? Is there an opportunity for the rents to be increased? Is tenant Retention low? Is this building’s trend in line with the market’s trend? Is there an opportunity to add value and/or increase yield over the three-year term with a refurbishment? Are there business opportunities in consideration for refurbishments and/or main plant upgrades?
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