HVAC Energy Management Opportunities

HVAC Energy Management Opportunities

There are often very simple, inexpensive, HVAC Energy Management opportunities in your Commercial or Residential Building that can potentially save you considerable time and money.

“Return on Investment” can be as little as a month, but typically around 12 months.

Every Site has its own idiosyncracies, there is no “one-size fits all”, that said, we will provide you a few examples which garnished definitive savings for little money.

Simple, Yet Effective Energy Conservation in HVAC

In our HVAC Preventative Maintenance works, in particular new sites, we often see opportunities missed, which are simple and cost almost nothing to rectify or implement.
Here’s just Two examples to think about and check on your site.

Manual Override:
Equipment switched in a “manual override” situation which is leaving HVAC equipment running 24/7 unnecessarily.
The override was simply forgotten in the mix of things during works. Six months later you or your facility manager is questioning the Energy bill and wondering why there is auch an increase in cost.

We have seen pumps, fans, compressors, valves, and more, over-ridden to 100%, for weeks. Finding Air Handling Units set annual to 100% cooling, is one thing, but in the middle of winter this is both a huge waste of energy and wil be producing significant wear on the HVAC components.

The financial cost is compounding when the override remains in place for longer time periods with an increase in energy loss and wear and tear on expensive components.

Stop / Starting:
Unnecessary Stop starting of equipment creates a dramatic load on the equipment and energy usage.
A three phase motor wired in Direct on Line (D.O.L) will draw as much as triple the run current at startup. If the pump or fan is starting multiple times every day, it’s a considerable financial burden. There are many ways to solve this including better HVAC controls and Varible Speed Drives.

Inexpensive Solutions

Furthermore to the above, we have mentioned just two simple HVAC energy management opportunities. These, should be found during the period of preventative HVAC maintenance.

There are many more opportunites, which, may have a cost associated with them. However, the return investment is typically less than 12 months as the repairs will make the HVAC plant more efficient.

Here’s a shortlist for your to consider:

✅ Regular Air Filter Changes.
✅ Regular lubrication for bearings and Economy Dampers.
✅ Regular checks and full function testing of the controls (this is huge opportunity.
✅ Fan Belt Tensions, (loose Fan belts is like running your car on Flat tires)
✅ Chiller Chilled water leaving temperatures.
Variable Spee drives on any motor which is more than 15 Kw that stop/starts at least once a day.
✅ Inverter cooling compressors
✅ Duct Cleaning (Creates better higence, better air flows, and reduces a potential fire hazard).
✅ Secured mounting of Equipment (Negate energy loss through loose equipment making the System more effective).
✅ Air Condtioning Duct air leaks (many older sites have air losses between the air handling units and the diffuser simply through gaps in the duct works).
✅ Effective and Maintained Automation (huge opportunity here)

How Can You Save Money?

Your Building has HVAC Energy Management Opportunities.
There are many more opportunities than those mentioned above

Here’s a few thoughts: –

1️⃣ Do you have an HVAC Mechanical Services Preventative Mainteanace Agreement in Place?

2️⃣ Are you Satisfied with the Energy Performance of your Building?

3️⃣ Do YOU think there is zero opportunity for improvement?

4️⃣ Are you Satisfied with the control diversity of your HVAC Equipment?

5️⃣ Are you Satisfied with the reporting from your HVAC Mechanical Services Vendor?

6️⃣ Are you Satisfied with your Current Nabers Rating?

7️⃣ Are you aware of your Car Park Fan control Opportunities?

If you answered “No” to any of these six questions, we should have a discussion and see how you can benefit from our services and improve your results.

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