• sustainability and Environmnetal Policy
    Energy Efficiency Projects
  • Project Management and Environmnetal Policy
    HVAC Mechanical Plant Upgrades
  • Integrity in delivery of our services
    Plant Room Equipment Refurbishments
  • Energy management in Commercial Buildings
    Electrical and Automation (BMS) Projects

Project Management

On a tight Budget? Forced to do More with Less?

Effective Financial Management
Budgets need to be realistic, monitored and reviewed in line with project delivery, cash flow and on-site project management.
Technical Services Projects in commercial Property


Design and Construct

Projects for new Mechanical services in Existing occupied buildings a Specialty, it takes care and communications with the tenants and with the Landlord.
Your Specifications or we can arrange a specification to be written in conjunction with your key person to ensure your requirements and challenges are met and resolved for the long term.
Technical Services Project manager with Schematics drawings

Contract Administration and Co-ordination

  • Financial Budget Management
  • “Fit For Purpose” delivery by Vendors
  • Warranty obligations Management in “D.L.P.
  • Variation and Scope Negotiations
  • Statutory Obligations with Council and Government Parties

Special Project Management

Access to resources you’re unlikely to find on “Google”, access to hidden Engineering talents in small business which have evolved and morphed into specialized trades and technical services over many years.
Access to these resources has come from many years in construction and facility Management.