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Commercial Property Services Audits Overview

Building Services Audits Synopsis

We offer a wide range of services including Building Services Audits, HVAC Audits, Energy Audits, Controls Audits, “Nabers” Building Serviecs Audit SynopsisAssessments, Energy Management, BEEC’s, and others.

Our Services include the Following:

Energy Audits

Energy Audits, based upon the Australian Standards, levels 1,2 or 3 are an excellent place to start in terms of Energy Conservation Versus Profit In commercial Propertyinvestigating specific opportunities to conserve energy and in turn funds. Performing an energy audit it self is the first step to discovering the opportunities which maybe available to improve your Nabers assessment. A Level 1 Audits can take is a little as a day and cost around $1000 with a “Return on Investment” within 30 days, subject to what is discovered.

Building Automation Audits

Often these audits can find simple programming opportunities which can save considerable funds without the indoor quality being noticeably affected the occupants of the building.

Building Maintenance Services Audits

Are you getting your value for money? are you getting the positive outcomes from effective maintenance that you should such as extended life terms of equipment, lower running costs, fewer break downs…… you don’t know what you don’t know….unit you have an audit at least.

Elevator and “Vertical rise” audits

Our of sight …out of mind… it is not until something of a critical nature fails or even worse, some one is hurt, that an audit of the elevator system is performed. If your system is our of warranty then perhaps an audit is worth while considering?

Mechanical Services Audits

Air Conditioning Mechanics will often perform the same maintenance on the same equipment at the same site where it is easy to access. equipment which is harder to reach or there are unknown functionality issues with the equipment will often be left untouched during routine maintenance as the mechanic souse the path of least resistance. How well is your air conditioning and mechanical, HVAC, services actually performing?

Technical Due Diligence

Technical Due Diligence is often completed by asking the incumbent contractor, whom provides the maintenance and

Commercial building Controls Audits

digital controls

repairs, about their systems and equipment. What do they always say? Given we are all human, then perhaps, a third party audit might be more appropriate for further details and a greater, more objective, view. Talking to the incumbent is a good strategy, but do you think it would be worth while doing a little more investigation by a third party?

Asset Registers

The road map for any facility is the Asset register, inclusive of:

  • Equipment Identification
  • brand, model, capacity, year of manufacture, Serial number, rating(s)
  • Obsolescence issues/parameters
  • Expected life term
  • Remainder of the life term
  • Maintenance schedule to ensure or extend the life term
  • Replacement cost, including budgets for related works
  • Year/month of expected “end of life” term

Nabers Assessments

Nabers assessments are constantly being upgraded and/or modified, as a building owner/investor you need to be aware of your obligations. Are you about to lease or sell more then 2000 meters of floor space?

CBD Lighting Assessments

There are legal requirements regarding the CBD lighting assessments, and Nabers assessments, inline with the BEEC, “Building Energy Efficiency Certificate”.
Are you aware of your obligations?

We can help resolve many of these issues and concerns, call today.

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