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Service Level Agreements for Technical and Trade

Every Client Deserves a tailored agreement to suit their assets and their maintenance needs.
Every site is unique in its location, its specifications, and the owner’s requirements from the investment in the commercial property.

Create and Maintain an Active Asset Register Database as part of an ongoing service level agreement

Effective service level agreements with “KPI’s” and completed documentation are fundamental to ensuring a smooth operational commercial or residential building.

Reporting Systems with Service Level agreements

Reporting to the body corporate, Commercial Landlords, and Strata Managers needs to be clear and consistent. We offer an Asset Management System which is cloud-based and accessible to all relevant stakeholders.

Disciplines in Services Level Agreements

Out Core Disciplines we offer in services level agreements in technical and trade services

  • Fire Systems and services (Wet and Dry)
  • Annual Fire Safety Statements (including submission to council, elevators, ASE, Evacuation, etc)
  •  HVAC Mechanical Services (Can be included with Fire to support HVAC and Fire System Integration)
  • Electrical (general and mechanical – recommended with HVAC Services)
  • Pumps (sump pumps, town water, in particular – include these with the HVAC)
  • Building Management Systems (this is our specialty – don’t be caught out with”single vendor captivity)
  • Access Control Systems (Back ups and Proxy card management)
  • Thermal Scans (not mandatory, but preferred by most insurance companies)
  • Vertical Rise (this is a sub-contract arrangement with the “majors” – improves your buying power)
  • Automatic Doors (typically included in a whole site agreement)

How do You Value a Service Level Agreement

Property Owners and Stakeholders Seek trust in their agreements; the way we build this trust is in delivery and proving the evidence of this delivery.

  • Contractors must submit documentation to be paid,
  • Monitoring of Insurances, including predate reminders
  • Third-party Safety system documentation checks
  • Access to all reports directly, no need to email requests
  • Work order system which you can monitor directly
  • Critical date reminders (AFSS, RPZ Valves, and many others)
  • Retrieve and inspect documentation, including photos, comments, and progress of work orders
  • Compliance with Australian Standards, Council and statutory obligations, and Building Codes are mandatory.
  • WHS / OHS documentation system which is cloud-based, no need for paper submissionsservice level agreements for Preventative Maintenance for Fan coil units

“Good maintenance management not only ensures that a property’s assets operate correctly and provide good quality internal environmental conditions for the Tenants, it also promotes longevity of useful life. It is proven that poorly maintained equipment leads to increased Energy Use, issues with budget control, increased reactive management strategies and tenant dissatisfaction”

Technology and software in Maintenance Management:

It’s 2021. There is a massive amount of software providers and technology suppliers all competing for your valuable dollar; there has never been a better time to implement technologies, including mobile phones and remote Internet monitoring and control, to reduce costs and improve performance. Technology is one of our areas of specialty. Ask us more in the form.

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