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Annual Fire Safety Statement

Need Your Annual Fire Safety Statement Submitted?

Running Late! Your Fire Contractor not returning Calls?

In the havoc of day to day business, it can be easy to loose track of time and miss the annual fire safety statement (AFSS) submission.

annual Fire Safety Statement - fire hose real essential services

Fire Services

With our Competent Mechanical services crew, Technicians, Electricians and access to council, we can assist you to get the Annual Fire Safety Statement Completed and submitted for another year.


Reach out to us via the form below or call and we’ll get back to you within 4 business hours, we’ll then asses your situation and the best way to proceed immediately. You will know the price before going ahead.


Some repairs can be done quickly and expediently, other may take time with the delivery of product.
The priority is to submit the correct documentation to council, on time, expedite any repairs, in line with the submission and Australian standards.Annual Fire Statement - Emergency Lighting Testing

Emergency Lighting Test & Repairs

With Qualified Electricians on our team, we can test the lights and perform the repairs as required.
We’ll keep you informed about price, lead time with products, and the volume of faults found in the test.

The List of Measures from the council

To help you expedite the process, call so we can discuss the measures and the priorities for your site for your annual fire statement submission.

Smoke Ventilation Requirements

Keep it simple and make your life easier. We can take care of the mechanical services component of the annual fire safety statement. With Qualified technicians and the experience to ensure testing compliance with the Australian Standards we ensure all scheduled measures are tested.

AFSS – formally known as the 15A

The Annual Fire Safety Statement (formally known as the 15A) serves as a testing measure for he compliance codes and standards the installation was constructed and certified to.Annual Fire Safety Statement for mechanical services
There are compliance obligations for every commercial building Landlord, which must be met every month, quarterly, half yearly and annually.

Our people know our first obligation is safety; safety for tenants, visitors, workers, tradespeople, customers, owners and the general public whom use the facility.

We perform basic checks as well as detailed as per the requirements of the situation in line with the council measures and various relevant codes. On occasions we engage a third party on our clients behalf whom have greater expertise to ensure our clients best interests and their stakeholders in the commercial facility are fully protected as per the intent of the standards and codes.

Annual Fire Safety Statement

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    Annual Fire Safet Statement
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