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Facility Services We Offer for Clubs

We know Club Managers can be very pressured, we think we can help to make your day easier and possibly save you a few dollars along the way.

Consider this:Club Managers can save money and time with our holistic technical services Repairs on a roof top switchboard for HVAC mechanical Services

What Needs Attention

  • Is there a “To Do List” that has the same items that are continuously over looked?
  • Are there items you arrive at work to organize first thing in the morning but you are called away to more pressing matters?
  • Do you worry that if certain repairs or maintenance is not done there is a safety risk to staff or patrons?
  • Are you Frustrated by Employees not finishing repairs or maintenance tasks to their completion as they called away?
  • Is there a maintenance budget that is just not being adhered to?
  • Can you think of at least one project which if completed would make your venue a better place for patron to enjoy?

Are All Your Council Obligations for your Property Under Control?

Annual Fire Safety Statement completed on time and without compromise?
Pest Control up to date?
Air Conditioning Services and essential Mechanical Services in Line With the AFSS record keeping and up to date?
Safety Services including line marking, anti-slip surfaces, and signage all compliant?

Are there Maintenance Services you Could Out Source?

Club Managers are typically hard working individuals whom are constantly addressing short term and long term issues raised by staff and clientele alike, “Putting Out Fires” all day, every day.
Club Manager’s responsibilities often include scheduled and corrective maintenance issues, as well as club duties.
We are sure we can help, by working with you to “fill the Gaps”.

Are we expensive?

Our Goal is a net cost of zero or better, that is, by engaging our services you will engage our buying power, hence, inclusive of our fees, the overall cost difference, when compared to doing it your self, should be zero or better. The benefit, is you can mitigate your risk and manage your time to focus on core business activities, as opposed to maintenance and project activities. The savings are also in the indirect costs, and regaining opportunities, which we can’t measure from a third party perspective, but you can.

Talk to us today, there will be tangible cost savings

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