Energy and Resource Sub-Metering?

Facility Managers can no longer just wait for the resource bills to pass over their desk and sign them off. Facility owners are concerned with value, nabers ratings and maintaining a sustainable outlook. Owners are more diligent requiring more knowledge as to where their resource dollar is being spent.Sub metering energy Data in commercial buildings

Marketing pressures, legislative compliance and building performance all contribute to the investment performance of the asset; these pressures have motivated facility managers to move to sub metering as a means of recording resource costs and tracking the delivery of these resources within the facility. The benefits are:

  1. passing some costs back to tenants
  2. nabers assessments are easier (possible cost reduction)
  3. nabers rating can improve (see validation protocols)
  4. clarity in decision making (strategic capital expenditure)
  5. question value or billings from resource suppliers (ensure all meters are calibrated)

The diagnostics opportunity with sub-metering is is not just the cost distribution of the billing, but the opportunity to develop and create conservation strategies which will benefit all stake holders.

Web servers

Reporting the sub-metering data directly into web servers offers the Facility Manager the capacity to export the data into commonly used programs such as MS Excel, where the data can be compared and interrogated with other data, such as budgets, outside air, open times, occupancy, people traffic and so forth.

Export to other software

The data from the sub metering reports is also used for energy management. Sub metering has provided facility managers an opportunity to focus their conservation efforts by identifying zones or isolated parts of the facility which is the culprit for higher than normal resource consumption.

Sub-meter different Energy types

Managers now can accurately meter a plethora of resources, including electricity, gas, steam, chilled water energy, hot water energy, condenser water energy and volumes of grey, town and recycled water.

Diagnostics will save you money

The data delivered from the installation of strategic sub-metering not only provides billing comparison data but if interrogated properly, will provide information to losses elsewhere in the facility, which can be reduced. Knowledge gained from diligent and continuous reporting will hi light when consumption is inconsistent, pointing to an issue in the Facility.

Proactive management of the data by the Facility Management staff will bring any inconsistencies to the attention of the engineering staff to effectively investigate and resolve the loss. Take the example of an Exhaust air fan left in manual at the switchboard and running 24/7, or a failed valve in the cooling tower which is dumping precious freshwater and dosing chemicals into the drain.

Evaluate the data

Evaluating and monitoring the data from the sub metering is critical to the return on investment of the installation of these meters. Proactive management will delver results to the Facility Owner.

Combine effective sub-metering with Energy Audits and/or nabers assessments and you have the basis for an effective strategic plan that will improve profits, value and ratings. A positive outcome.

Nigel Wraight
Forte Asset Services

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