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Which Maintenance means What Action: A definition of Maintenance We’re writing about this because it comes up in conversation with clients and vendors a like; for example, a vendor whom provides mechanical services was asked to provide our client with a preventative maintenance agreement for “X” services in “Y” building. Logical enough, we thought, but […]

Crisis Management We all have different ideas of what a crisis within your facility really is, and we all have different priorities based on the commercial landlord, the purpose of the building, the tenant’s priorities and the location of the building. We all have our limitations of what we can cope with and what we […]

Outsourcing Maintenance Versus DIY Outsourcing Maintenance – DIY: (published in “hotel engineer”) Outsourcing Maintenance: The conversation went a little like this:“Who’s idea was that that is like outsourcing the Engineers job, “what am I gonna all day?” and What about the manager that turns up, he doesn’t know this Hotel as I do, he doesn’t […]

Energy Bills Audit WIIFM (what’s in it for me) What’s this about? We must admit, the title of this post, Energy Bill Audit, sounds totally boring, but this post will hopefully sow the seed for a process that, in these tightening economic times, will offer a chance to improve returns without a big spend. It’s […]

Eliminate the Corrective Maintenance False Economies in Commercial Property. All of these events creating false economies in corrective maintenance are easy to avoid; the methodology is in the processes and procedures adopted by the facility management company. The first thought which comes to mind is the Building Manager and their role in the financial loss event; […]

Energy and Resource Sub-Metering? Facility Managers can no longer just wait for the resource bills to pass over their desk and sign them off. Facility owners are concerned with value, nabers ratings and maintaining a sustainable outlook. Owners are more diligent requiring more knowledge as to where their resource dollar is being spent. Marketing pressures, […]

Small Project Management What is the Scope of works? “It’s just a little Project, we’re getting a few quotes”. Let’s set the scene, You are a member of the Executive Committee or a Strata Manager whom has been given the “Project Manager” responsibility for a small project you’re not quite familiar with. The project is […]