Energy Management

Cost Effective High level interface

Energy Conservation Dependence on Maintenance. Building Intelligence, Mechanical Services, Automation, Fire and Electrical. Energy conservation and Maintenance are all co-dependent. Maintenance Services Proper Maintenance of building services aligned with energy measurement and control, provides a mutually beneficial environment for the commercial building. The energy conservation dependence on maintenance of building services and systems can not […]

HVAC Mechanical Services Audit

Commercial Property Air Conditioning, HVAC, Mechanical Services Do you have an Air Conditioning issue? Air conditioning is one of the greatest issues in buildings, the answer is nearly always yes, the real question is: Do You Have a Reliable System? Our practical approach serves our clients circumstances, with air-conditioning complaints, in an unconventional way, especially […]

Outsourcing HVAC Mechanical Services Audit

Outsourcing Property Services to improve Building performance and Control Risk Why Outsource when we can do it ourselves Outsourcing is not about whether you can do it yourself, it’s about spending money in the most effective and efficient way possible.“Bang for your Buck!” How do we lose “Value for Money” when we Do our Own […]

Energy Trend log

Small Project Management Why install a variable speed drive? “Several contractors have suggested we install a VSD in our pump and fan motors, Why”. What is a VSD or VFD?, The acronym, VSD, is for Variable Speed Drive, and the acronym VFD stands for Variable Frequency Drive; for our purposes, in building management, they are […]

Energy Bill Audit

Energy Bills Audit WIIFM (what’s in it for me) What’s this about? We must admit, the title of this post, Energy Bill Audit, sounds totally boring, but this post will hopefully sow the seed for a process that, in these tightening economic times, will offer a chance to improve returns without a big spend. It’s […]

Project manager with Schematics drawings

Measurement and Verification – DIY Systems Integration, Asset register, Building Management System, Energy Management System, BIM, Measurement In a previous life these terms were mutually exclusive, they required different vendors, different software and varying degrees of mutually exclusive expertise. These terms had this “black box” specialized and expensive connotation, with single vendor “captive client” pricing […]

Energy Conservation Versus Profit In commercial Property

Energy Conservation versus Profit? A privileged observation Energy Conservation can be at odds with Profit and overall performance of the building, so which one? Let us briefly set the scene. Picture a Conference room or function room, which has three solid form dividing curtains to split the room into three sub rooms as such. One […]

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