BMS | Building Management System

The BMS is the automation system or “direct digital control (DDC)” system which Monitors and controls the core and peripheral fixed assets. of the commercial building, allowing the building to operate.

Priority Function

The BMS has a priority task for keeping the building occupants safe and comfortable. The System provids data and notifications of faults and statistical parameters of fixed assets as well as resources including Gas, Water, Energy, occupancy, outside ambient conditions and others.

Basic Picture

Picture a network of laptop computers linked together, hidden in different places , out of sight located in and around the building. These little computers have attached to them, the sensors for measurement and they have outputs to make equipment actuate, such as valve motor, a relay, a switch and other devices.
Now picture an IT technician whom can see all this information form the measurements on the network and them deciding to do something based upon a set of conditions, for example, its too hot on level 12, we’ll turn on the cooling; but how much cooling do they need? This is the program diversity of the BMS.

Building Management System Maintenance and Upgrades


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