Building Automation

Building automation or controls are a core focus in our business delivery. We offer a complete and in depth group of services and disciplines to meet our clients requirements.

Solving Challenges

Building digital control offers many solutions to the digital control of buildings which, when properly implemented solves many of the operational and financial challenges of commercial building property management.

Energy Conservation

A Major part of the role in digital building control is energy management and conservation. Reducing costs and improving overall building performance in both efficiency and financial returns.

Cost Effective

Building Automation is both cost effective and simple to use once it has been correctly implemented. Our Software Engineers and instillation crew offer seamless projects. this includes the electrical installation and commissioning.

Upgrade building management system technology

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” Why should a Landlord Upgrade building management system technology in their commercial Building? Installed in the Commercial building, you, as the facility manager, are there to look after, a perfectly good Building Management System. The Property Manager or Landlord talks to you about getting prices to upgrade the […]

Energy Trend log

Small Project Management Why install a variable speed drive? “Several contractors have suggested we install a VSD in our pump and fan motors, Why”. What is a VSD or VFD?, The acronym, VSD, is for Variable Speed Drive, and the acronym VFD stands for Variable Frequency Drive; for our purposes, in building management, they are […]