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We have started our Case Study Series here in April of 2019, so right now, there is not a lot to read, although you may find the blog of interest.

Please be patient as we populate the case study series with large project as well some of those small jobs, less than $10,000 which netted quite a rerun on investment for our client.Case Studies - Forte Technician performing checks on Fire indication Panel

We will be looking at our core areas of service for the most part, but there are those professional whom we work for, such as Property Management, Strata Management and Facility Management, may come up from time to time.

Core Disciplines include:

Systems Integration

Having been given the “brief” on more than one occasion to “make my building work”, building systems integration has been a core part of our activities for some time.

Interrogation between the technical services in a building such as:

  • Fire services
  • HVAC mechanical services
  • Mechanical switchboards
  • Lighting control
  • Occupancy motioning
  • Building Management System (BMS)
  • Access Control System
  • Energy Management System
  • Distribution tenant and House Switchboards

Case Studies - building systems integration commercial building network switch and router
are all an integral component of optimizing and maximizing the technology in buildings today. Saving you Money, Saving You time

Projects / Refurbishments / Upgrades

Projects in constructions and in existing Buildings, Occupied or unoccupied, you will need experienced and competent trades people to get the work completed with all the”grey areas” covered off.
We can help you with this and the relevant documentation to see the project right through to end of warranty and a potential preventative maintenance agreement.

Programmed Maintenance

Programmed maintenance in:Club Managers can save money and time with our holistic technical services Repairs on a roof top switchboard for HVAC mechanical Services

  • Fire Systems
  • Building Management Systems
  • Mechanical Services HVAC
  • Electrical

Repairs / Corrective Maintenance

Timely delivery of services is critical to the operation of most buildings. Making sure systems are up and running before tenants notice or arrive to work is an essential component of operations for a commercial or residential building.
We understand the necessity of prompt response and competent teams to deliver corrective maintenance at a fair price.

Maintenance and Repairs Pricing

Talk to us today about our labor rates and preventative maintenance pricing.
Ask us about our agreements which tailored to the specific site and the property management team requirements.

Our Vision:

Every Commercial Building Operating to Perfection!

Case Studies for works under $10,000

Fifty Percent Energy Reduction In Half a Day

Case Studies for works under $50,000

Integration of Building Services
Unsupervised Sites

Case Studies for works under $100,000

Air Conditioning Control Upgrade | Operating Theater job