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Building Manager's Resource

Outsourcing Facility Services Facility Services delivery includes more than just attending site and organizing corrective maintenance, it encompasses many solid attributes of good business and the foundation of many long term business relationships, for example:   communications, transparency, trust, accountability, reporting Mile stones Key Performance Indicators just to name a few These all form part […]

Maintenance Mechanical | HVAC Mechanical Services | Commercial and Residential buildings

Outsourcing Maintenance – DIY: (published in “hotel engineer”) Outsourcing Maintenance: The conversation went a little like this: “Who’s idea was that, that is like out sourcing the Engineers job, “what am I gonna all day?” and What about the manager that turns up, he doesn’t know this Hotel like I do, he doesn’t know the […]

Data Center Energy Who can answer the building management system faqs

Data Center did not have an Energy Management System So we “Winged” it and saved $3000 a month “Energy Management by Observation” Data Center Energy: One of our most important clients facilitates a decent size, Tier 2, data center with about 12 Computer Room Air Conditioning Units or CRAC units as the technicians like to […]

Commercial Property Types Sydney Melbourne Brisbane

Commercial Real Estate Types Offices, Retail, and Industrial There are three main types of commercial properties which attract a tenant and consequently a yield: Offices, Retail and Industrial. These properties vary in characteristics as per any other property investment, but the sectors of office, retail and industrial offer there own synergies and advantages. Commercial Offices […]

the One questions to ask your facility Manager

The One Question to Ask Your Facility Manager: Do you keep an Asset register for the building? Creating and Maintaining an Asset register is not always on the priority list of the facility manager, but, it’s a good indication as to the work load the manager has, and if there is time enough to maintain […]

Meothodology Statement for Facility Management in Commercial Property

What is a Methodology Statement The steps the task or scope of works requires from start of finish. Simple enough right! The exercise is not a political or documentation for the sake of it, the exercise is to ask the stakeholders of the vendor, including the workers, and the managers to “think” about some “what […]

Crisis Management in the facility management of Commercial Buildings

Crisis Management We all have different ideas of what a crisis within your facility really is, and we all have different priorities based upon the commercial landlord, the purpose of the building, the tenants priorities and the location of the building. We all have our limitations of what we can cope with and what we […]

The easiest way in via a single source supplier whom is invested in you

What is Facility Performance: When we talk about Facility Performance (or Building Performance) we refer to costs versus income, that is the building operations, Energy management, Building Systems management, such as Air conditioning, vertical rise, lighting Control, Fire, Generators, etc are all working as a single holistic unit to minimize costs and maximize value. Facility […]

Operations Strategy

One strategy which will make your day better in operations management Operations Strategy for Commercial Buildings Engaging vendors, suppliers and contractors which communicate status information with you, as the facility manager, even when there is bad news, keeps you, the facility manager, “in the loop”. These contractors are more useful in managing a commercial building […]

Building Management commercial Tenant office floor cleaning

Tenant Lease In the larger commercial buildings and retail centers a tenant might find a condition in their lease instructing them to use the base building cleaning company for their janitorial requirements; why would the landlord have such a requirement. This requirement is actually in the benefit for both the landlord and the tenant, as […]

Pest Control Pigeons

Pest Control Pigeons Are Pigeons leaving unsightly droppings on your building and car park pipes, ledges, and facades? Have the pigeons damaged your property? Is the property devalued or less inviting as a result? What are you doing about it? Pigeons find favorite places to nest in Commercial buildings, residential apartment buildings, warehouses, industrial; there […]

Contracts management by Crisis

Negating the “Management by Crisis” Scenario! Experienced Managers Know this Expression. Typically, a result of lack of resources, every industry manager has had the experience and every manager looks forward to the crisis coming to a swift and economic conclusion. So how do we avoid or reduce the occurrence of situations which envelop us, sometimes […]

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