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Fire | Mechanical Services | Electrical | Energy | Automation (BMS)

Technician performing programmed maintenance

Reactive maintenance/Run to Fail or preventative maintenance, which one and why?: Maintenance Strategy, which Type of Maintenance is the most suitable, and strategic? Facility Managers are engaged for many reasons, one of their priorities is to reduce costs and manage the site’s daily issues, so is a reactive maintenance process better than a proactive maintenance […]

Contracts management by Crisis

Contract Management Clauses Contract Management gone wrong: There many strategies involved in contract management which pursue outcomes aligned with goals and objectives. In recent months, we have found ourselves bidding for various Facility Management and Services opportunities to find the business at the “top of the tree”, wanting to split and split contracts. The division […]

Bank Guarantee in Commercial Property explained

Property Management Why a Bank Guarantee? “The Commercial Real Estate Agent has asked us for a Bank Guarantee, Why?”. What is a Bank Guarantee, Simply put, it is a request of your bank to stand as a guarantor on your behalf. The bank guarantee is a document telling the person or entity that it is […]

Building Manager's Resource

Outsourcing Facility Services Facility Services delivery includes more than just attending site and organizing corrective maintenance, it encompasses many solid attributes of good business and the foundation of many long term business relationships, for example:   communications, transparency, trust, accountability, reporting Mile stones Key Performance Indicators just to name a few These all form part […]

Contracts management by Crisis

Negating the “Management by Crisis” Scenario! Experienced Managers Know this Expression. Typically, a result of lack of resources, every industry manager has had the experience and every manager looks forward to the crisis coming to a swift and economic conclusion. So how do we avoid or reduce the occurrence of situations which envelop us, sometimes […]

Commercial Property Types Sydney Melbourne Brisbane

Commercial Real Estate Types Offices, Retail, and Industrial There are three main types of commercial properties which attract a tenant and consequently a yield: Offices, Retail and Industrial. These properties vary in characteristics as per any other property investment, but the sectors of office, retail and industrial offer there own synergies and advantages. Commercial Offices […]

Outsourcing facility management

Building Management vendor Change: Should you change your building management vendor? Why should you change? What are the benefits and liabilities? Will it help you? We will set the scene: Residential apartment block, common basement of two levels, 5 towers, total of 161 apartments. Circa 8 years old The issue: basically the place is in […]

Data Center Energy Who can answer the building management system faqs

Data Center did not have an Energy Management System So we “Winged” it and saved $3000 a month “Energy Management by Observation” Data Center Energy: One of our most important clients facilitates a decent size, Tier 2, data center with about 12 Computer Room Air Conditioning Units or CRAC units as the technicians like to […]

building management resource melbourne sity

Can you use Social media in Building Management? Whether Social Media is your “thing”; it is here to stay Social Media is definitely not my thing, writing a public notice that I had Weeties for breakfast and forgot to put the cat out is not entirely in my comfort zone, however, there is no escaping […]

Outsourcing HVAC Mechanical Services Audit

Outsourcing Property Services to improve Building performance and Control Risk Why Outsource when we can do it ourselves Outsourcing is not about whether you can do it yourself, its about spending money in the most effective and efficient way possible. “Bang for your Buck!” How do we loose “Value for Money” when we Do our […]

Building Management system integration into mechanical switchboard

Building Management System Giving you Grief Unlock Your Building from “BMS Single Vendor Captivity”. Building Management Systems (BMS) were designed as a labor and energy saving system. They can be an absolute delight to work with, delivering information accurately, switching plant equipment, lighting, and monitoring other building services. Recording and trend logging the results the […]

Pest Control Pigeons

Pest Control Pigeons Are Pigeons leaving unsightly droppings on your building and car park pipes, ledges, and facades? Have the pigeons damaged your property? Is the property devalued or less inviting as a result? What are you doing about it? Pigeons find favorite places to nest in Commercial buildings, residential apartment buildings, warehouses, industrial; there […]

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