Ensuring Compliant water storage methods in Commercial buildings The Responsibility At some point in time, it will occur that an owner/occupier or manager will be confronted by a requirement from an external regulatory body for compliance regarding compliance of various water system components. Not everyone is aware of the components requiring legislative compliance until they […]

Is the Landlord Always Right? The Landlord is keen to protect his Nabers investment in the assessment rating of their building, and so they should; but at what cost, especially, when the foundations and protocols of the Nabers assessment are not fully understood by either party negotiating the commercial lease, consequently clouding the process. Tenant […]

We Found ourselves in a situation where we had to terminate a vendor | What are your thoughts? Let us set the Scene. Residential apartment block, common basement of three levels, 7 towers, total of 182 apartments. Circa 6 years old An Air conditioning contractor whom looks after the water treatment, the chiller, and associated […]

Negating the “Management by Crisis” Scenario! Experienced Managers Know this Expression. Typically, a result of lack of resources, every industry manager has had the experience and every manager looks forward to the crisis coming to a swift and economic conclusion. So how do we avoid or reduce the occurrence of situations which envelop us, sometimes […]

Contract Management Clauses Contract Management gone wrong: There many strategies involved in contract management which pursue outcomes aligned with goals and objectives. In recent months, we have found ourselves bidding for various Facility Management and Services opportunities to find the business at the “top of the tree”, wanting to split and split contracts. The division […]

Can you use Social media in Building Management? Whether Social Media is your “thing”; it is here to stay Social Media is definitely not my thing, writing a public notice that I had Weeties for breakfast and forgot to put the cat out is not entirely in my comfort zone, however, there is no escaping […]

A Contract Management Fail An outline of this privileged observation: Contract Management Fail: In a nut shell, a HVAC contractor is a given a task to replace a Fan Coil Unit (FCU). The contractor submitted his price, received the order and began the job. He didn’t consult with any other trades, tenancies or technicians involved […]