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Time Management, a Case for Facility Management Software: Yes, Facility Management Software Helps to be Organized OR No, Software is a Complete Waste of Money. Which team do you subscribe to? A privileged example: Chapter 1 – The Scene It’s been a good week, most of our buildings are ticking along nicely, typical dramas, but […]

automated sustainability in commercial buildings

How Can we Improve Automated Sustainability with Building Management  Systems (BMS) To develop and expand your BMS for greater automated sustainability should be financially viable.  As you might imagine, developing and expanding you building management system to improve control of energy consuming resources, within your facility, such as the mechanical services HVAC plant and lighting […]

Reducing False Economies in Operations

False Economies in Building Operations Investigating and eliminating False economies has the potential to save some serious money for both the Facility Manager and the Owner. Where to begin, there are two major areas of loss, the first being labour the second being energy and natural resources. The labour side is actually the least obvious, […]

Compliant water storage

Ensuring Compliant water storage methods in Commercial buildings The Responsibility At some point in time, it will occur that an owner/occupier or manager will be confronted by a requirement from an external regulatory body for compliance regarding compliance of various water system components. Not everyone is aware of the components requiring legislative compliance until they […]

Contract management

A Contract Management Fail An outline of this privileged observation: Contract Management: In a nut shell, a HVAC contractor is a given a task to replace a Fan Coil Unit (FCU). The contractor submitted his price, received the order and began the job. He didn’t consult with any other trades, tenancies or technicians involved in […]

energy management graphs

Return on Energy Management Investment Energy Management Metering. Energy management investment is the application of energy metering your building’s performance and understanding it’s efficiency is critical part of BIM, “Building Information Modelling”; Given any commercial building, with a lower grade and has a few years of reliable service in its history, there is still good […]

Building Caretaker withhis Asset regiser

Building Management Who is the Building Caretaker? “Property Manager, Building Manager, Strata Manager, Somebody tell me, Who is the Building Caretaker?”. History Many people have mixed ideas about titles and the responsibility of those titles within the property industry. the Functions of the roles of managers can be blurred especially when we cross between property […]

Terminating a vendor

We Found ourselves in a situation where we had to terminate a vendor | What are your thoughts? Let us set the Scene. Residential apartment block, common basement of three levels, 7 towers, total of 182 apartments. Circa 6 years old An Air conditioning contractor whom looks after the water treatment, the chiller, and associated […]

Technician performing programmed maintenance

Reactive maintenance/Run to Fail or preventative maintenance, which one and why?: Maintenance Strategy, which Type of Maintenance is the most suitable, and strategic? Facility Managers are engaged for many reasons, one of their priorities is to reduce costs and manage the site’s daily issues, so is a reactive maintenance process better than a proactive maintenance […]

Contracts management by Crisis

Negating the “Management by Crisis” Scenario! Experienced Managers Know this Expression. Typically, a result of lack of resources, every industry manager has had the experience and every manager looks forward to the crisis coming to a swift and economic conclusion. So how do we avoid or reduce the occurrence of situations which envelop us, sometimes […]

Elevator Etiquette

A few Helpful Hints for correct Elevator Etiquette Many of us use elevators every day from the city to the suburbs, in commercial office buildings, to apartment buildings, to the shopping center car park. There are times when you ride solo and there are time when you ride with others. So what are the rules […]

Facility management works system

Facility Management Software Benefits include: Mitigating Risk Automated Planned maintenance Schedules Contractor Management WH & S Management Simplify Day to Day Work Document Management Real time updates, Reports and info via web Portal Sustainability Management Automated Scheduled Reports Report across the entire Portfolio FM Innovations®, an Australian company based in Melbourne, is the specialist in […]

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