commercial property business case for the Facility mananager

Your Property Manager or Client Wants a “Business Case”. a justification for a proposed project or undertaking on the basis of its expected commercial benefit. Your day had been relatively uneventful until, the email from your client or manager, asking you for a “business case” for the project you are proposing. The manager seeks justification […]

Include the Chiller Pumps in the Mechanical Services Asset register of your building

Typical Water pumps which serve our buildings It is surprising exactly how many water pumps there in a building, often with separate plumbing circuits and often more than one pump serving the same task. A major source of energy consumption there are often opportunities to install variable speed drives to soften the start up of […]

Forte Asset Services Building Management Asset register Importance - why have a database

Asset Register importance! Backstory We found ourselves in an a situation, which I thought, had an unfortunate outcome for an employee of one of our competitors. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “thrown under the bus”, this person was thrown under the entire bus depot. Regardless of the parameters, which are too lengthy to revise […]

More Commercial Tenancy Fit Out Faux Pas

More Commercial Tenancy Fit Out Faux Pas – The Faux Pas of Fit series Continues; In out last post project management fit out faux pas we looked at Noise, tenant access, fire systems and tripping the circuit breakers and not telling anyone……….(most annoying) so today, in this post “More Commercial Tenancy Fit Out Faux Pas” […]

Conflict - More Commercial Tenancy Fit Out Faux Pas

Commercial Tenancy Fit Out | What Happens Behind the Scenes? Sometimes a project is completed seamlessly, without fuss, in a timely manner, and without dispute. So how does this happen? Commercial Tenancy Fit Out | The Tenancy Access During a Commercial Tenancy Fit Out, making arrangements with tenants via the facility or building manager is […]

integrated Facility Services asset management

Facilities Management – Single Source Supplier Facility Services Management is a diverse and critical operations function, which effects all stakeholders, including, commercial Landlords, tenants, visitors, workers and the local community. Engaging a facility management instead doing it your self gives you back your time, reduces your risk, and offers single point of responsibility via the […]

Upgrade building management system technology

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” Why should a Landlord Upgrade building management system technology in their commercial Building? Installed in the Commercial building you, as the facility manager, are there to look after, is a perfectly good Building Management System. The Property Manager or Landlord talks to you about getting prices to upgrade […]