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An asset register is a tool to serve commercial Landlords for the long term. The register is the data base of information which can be invaluable when commercial landlord’s are considering renovations, upgrades, valuations, due diligence, building information modelling (BIM), documentation, safety, obsolescence, cost control, budgets, and other financial and operations objectives.
Facility managers and property managers can maintain the asset register easily by incorporating systems in the maintenance and service agreements of the specialized vendors whom attend site. Ask each provider to enter relevant information into the data base as part of the technicians on site duties. This will be keeping the costs to minimum while keeping the integrity of the data base at a optimal level.
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Do you keep an Asset Register Database for your building? Creating and Maintaining an Asset register is not always on the priority list of the facility manager, but, it’s a good indication as to the work load the manager has, and if there is time enough to maintain some sort of asset register. The register […]

Forte Asset Services Building Management Asset register Importance - why have a database

Asset Register importance! Backstory We found ourselves in an a situation, which I thought, had an unfortunate outcome for an employee of one of our competitors. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “thrown under the bus”, this person was thrown under the entire bus depot. Regardless of the parameters, which are too lengthy to revise […]

Asset Register

Asset Register Core Information Implementing and maintaining an asset register, which serves to document the building’s service’s and fixed assets, offer the opportunity to improve the overall performance of the building in more than one discipline and often, with little cost. It’s not until an operator such as a building manager, or engineering manager, look […]