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Do you have an Air Conditioning issue?

Air conditioning is one of the greatest issues in buildings, the answer is nearly always yes, the real question is:

Do You Have a Reliable System?

Our practical approach serves our clients circumstances, with air-conditioning complaints, in an unconventional way, especially from a Facility Management point of view.
Instead of writing to you about what you already know, with industry jargon, we look at immediate solutions to an Air Conditioning Building Services Audit including HVACHVAC Auditair conditioning problem and what we cost you to rectify. You can then make an informed decision.

A building with air conditioning problems will typically have varying circumstances including:

  • control issues
  • obsolescence
  • worn parts
  • poor integration between services
  • aged and / or dirty air filters
  • Full span adjustment of actuators
  • Air leakages
  • inefficient components
  • and others

Our first objective is to understand the problems from the owner, tenants or occupier point of view so we can begin to investigate further and obtain some prices.

Understanding how your A/C System works, as a system, and the relationship between the occupant’s situation and the functionality of the A/C system will usually provide the logical method to move forward to resolve an issue.
Often air-conditioning problems are as varied as the buildings we look after, and the solution, is just as varied.
Understanding the situation is the key to reaching a result that will be cost effective, within budget and delivered in a timely manner.

If our team member can repair a fault on site and is within their licensing and skill set, they will typically do it to expedite a resolution. Otherwise, the team member will make the necessary inquiries and ask the questions to investigate the best method to resolve the air-conditioning issue.

air conditioning Technician performing programmed maintenanceEngineering, budgets, location, work health and safety, urgency, comfort and other relevant parameters, are all considered for the benefit of the occupant and our client.
Call now, to arrange a no obligation, on site meeting, to review your circumstances and what your greatest concern is.

Other air-conditioning services we can help you with

  • Air Conditioning Controls
  • Over Heating, Over cooling, Drafts, Noise
  • Cooling Towers, Condenser water systems, Computer room Cooling Systems
  • General Mechanical Services (HVAC)
  • Chillers, Chilled Water pumps, Condenser water loops, Controls
  • Fan Coil Units, filters, bearings Belts, leaks, noises
  • Air Filters, filter change over, bag filters, Supply air filters, etc
  • Air Handling Units, filters, bearings Belts, leaks, noises
  • Cooling Towers Maintenance
  • Dampers, motorized Control Dampers, Volume dampers, Fire systems Dampers
  • Essential Services For mechanical services, certifications, regular preventative maintenance
  • Package A/C Units
  • Building management System maintenance
  • Corrective, preventative and comprehensive maintenance agreements

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    Greetings from The Management of Solaris Mont Kiara.

    As our air-conditioning contract expiring soon, hence, we would like to invite your good organisation to tender for air-conditioning services in Solaris Mont’Kiara (phase 2).

    Should you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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