Retail Property Maintenance.
Make Sure You are Ahead of the Curve

Give your Clientele, the best possible value for money,
with Greater value from Your Retail Property Maintenance Regime.

The Retail Industry is a tough industry, margins are thin, and competition is rife. Retail tenants have customers who are choosy and carry the internet in the palm of their hand.

Improving the Look and Feel of your Retail shopping Centre with an effective retail property maintenance regime.  

Retail Property Maintenance

There can be no reason that is in your control for your customer to shop elsewhere when you have the item they are shopping for:
You need your retail property maintenance services to be well documented, accountable, efficient, cost-effective, and performed by a reliable and invested team.
The Retail Property Maintenance is the hidden service that supports the tenants who are the shop.

We provide the maintenance, repairs, compliance, and emergency callout for the assets, behind the scenes, making the indoor environment comfortable and safe to shop.
It’s the equipment and documentation which no one ever wants to know about, but it makes a big impact when it goes wrong. These services support the retail environment, and they are the foundations of the retail center’s operations.

Retail Property Maintenance

  • Your Air conditioning needs to work effectively all year round without leaking or being noisy.
  • Your Carpentry and fit-out need to be fast, current styles and look “like it grew there.”
  • Test and Tag is quick and done
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Safety is the number one priority for staff and customers alike
  • Paint and patch will need to be completed after hours
  • Essential Services, such as Fire Systems
  • Furniture needs to be new yet cost-effective

Your customers want to be comfortable while they shop

Retail property maintenance

  • Are your mechanical services well maintained?
  • Do you have redundancy for those really hot days and those really cold days?
  • Is your mechanical air conditioning services provider supplying you with all the recent documentation?
  • Do you keep and maintain an Asset Register, do you know your plant equipment failure rate?

Can you access multiple trades of the same discipline quickly

Consider the scenario of a late Thursday night or Saturday afternoon, it’s 42 degrees, you have a failure in the air conditioning, and it is uncomfortable across 3000 meters of the sales floor.
You have called your Mechanical Services provider, but no answer; they are in a basement somewhere an hour’s drive away; what now?
Do you have another provider of the same discipline you can call? Do they know your site? Can they arrive soon? What parts might they need?
Is it an air conditioning problem, or perhaps it is an electrical or a plumbing issue?
We have many plumbers, air conditioning mechanics, electricians, and other tradespeople who have worked for us.
Google or other search engine is an alternative, but let us be honest, how much will they charge, and will they be any good at what they do?
All our suppliers are vetted, all our suppliers have worked with us for years, and all are keen to please for the next job.

How much of this can you do?

And is doing the Retail Property Maintenance yourself a false economy? It might take us a day and cost you $800; if you do it, how much will it really cost in both direct and indirect costs?
Your efforts are concentrated on Making money as opposed to saving it.

  • Will it be safe?
  • Will it be done right?
  • Do you have a warranty claim opportunity?
  • How much per did you lose in your field of expertise
  • Do you understand the false economy of doing it yourself

Retail Property Maintenance and technical expertise in commercial buildings maintenance

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