• four electrical amp meters on main swithboard
    Electrical Mechanical Services
  • Asset services maintenance and repairs
    Varible Speed Drives Serving Pumps and Fans
  • Commercial Tenant office Technnical Services
    General Light and Power
  • Project management and documentation
    Switchboard modifications and Upgrades

Electrical Services

General Electrical, Mechanical Services, Distribution Switchboards and Motor Control

Electrical Services

Property Managers and Facility Managers

Documentation and accountability is Number one!
We appreciate the reporting obligations to Landlords, Tenants and Management.

Fixing | Repair | Maintain | Install

The on-site electrical process is important, especially for Safety, Compliance with Australian Standards, and the results being “Fit for Purpose”.
Our Team will provide a Service Docket upon completion of works on site on the day, or, if multiple days works are involved, then a service docket for each day.
Just as important, we take photos of our work as progress, ensuring we can explain the “challenges” in a separate report for your submission to relevant stakeholders.
Building Management System technical services

Holistic View

How we help our clientele, is we are invested in the facility, seeking a holistic outcome as we are often aware of other related issues in the building as well as the “bylaws” and “house rules’ of the site.
With a combination of our services, layering can be avoided or at least reduced; especially with HVAC, Fire and Energy Related tasks.

The greatest value for our customer is achieved when the maintenance costs are reduced and the reliability results are improved with a holistic and accountable program.


Electrical Services we Provide

Maintenance | Projects | Repairs

Commercial Electrical Services from changing light globes to complete Switchboard overhaul, emergency lighting, automation to fit-outs and Construction.
Electrical Services Repairs, Installation and maintenance, Sydney and Melbourne

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