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BMS Projects technician working in a control panel for mechanical services in a commercial building


Projects, Upgrades, Modifications, Fault Finding


We can provide complete overhaul refurbishment to fault finding control issues to a regular service maintenance of the mechanical switchboard.
Upgrades, Compliance with Australian Standards, Relocations, Modifications, and additional sub-panels to the switchboard.

Switchboard Projects

Include in a single Package a Switchboard upgrade or new installation with the Mechanical Electrical installation, Variable speed drives, Building Management System and periphery components: removing the “grey areas” in project management and co-ordination.

Compliant with relevant Australian Standards and to your consultants specifications. All Documentation including engineering, design, data sheets for the components, design specifications of the board. In line with the functional specifications of the Electrical mechanical installation and the BMS installation.

BMS Technician working on BMS system in Switchboard panel

Technicians are trained and experienced

Switchboard Maintenance

What’s in a Maintenance of a switchboard?

  • Check operations
  • Check Phase loads
  • Check Fuses
  • Check Schematics
  • Check therm-graphic imaging (under load)
  • Check terminals
  • Check secure mounting of equipment

All these items are important checks, one of the most important aspect of these checks is checking the terminals are tight.
The reason for this is they regularly can become loose. Remember the electrical current is going through these terminals at 50 Hertz that is causing a vibration of 50 hertz in the terminal. They do become loose, creating heat spots, then arcing, then eventually a fire. Checking the terminals and/or a thermos-graphic scan can save you thousands.

Thermos-graphic Imaging Scan

A thermos-graphic scan of the board under load will see hot spots. These hot spot are created for a number of reason, not the least of which is loose terminals.
Mechanical Services Switchboard which has been refurbished and upgraded with BMS controllers and UPS

Fault Finding / Repairs

On site repairs, upgrades, and refurbishments.
From small car park fan control panels to major motor control switchboards serving multiple chillers, chilled water pumps, air handling units and more.

Age is no Barrier

The age the switchboard is no concern, it is treated like any other.
Documentation will be likely out of date if any documentation should even exists.
Dealing with asbestos back boards is a matter of ensuring it is not disturbed, or, installing equipment in adjacent panel if required.


Older switchboards may require Schematics to be created, or part thereof.
Tracing out circuits and creating schematics can be a time consuming process, but worthwhile if the intent is to keep the building or tenancy for the long term or if modifications are being considered for energy management opportunities in the existing installation.

We work on Obsolete equipment to repair, fault find and refurbish

We work on obsolete equipment to repair, fault find and refurbish

Every Situation is different, it could be more economical to rebuild the switchboard and take advantage of the new warranty opportunity as opposed to working out “what is what” with the existing installation.

Electrical Energy Metering

Installing “split core” current transformers for connection to an energy meter (lon Work,BACnet, Modbus) for stand alone applications or integration into a Building Management system is relatively straight forward. The amount of room available around the cable, for the Physical installation of the transformer, is typically the only concern with the installation. The cable sheath should be PVC or similar (the Old MIMS cable or Pyro, being a copper sheath, won’t work and an alternative locations or strategy will need to be developed) to ensure an accurate measurement. Calibration with a third party amp Meter ensure the meters are reading correctly. (voltage connections are also necessary).

BMS Controllers Installation into Existing Switchboards

Saving you money, time and inconvenience, there is often the opportunity to remove old control equipment form an existing switchboard making enough room for the new controllers to be supplied, installed and commissioned on site, in situ.
24/7 Emergency services in commercial buildings

  • four electrical amp meters on main swithboard
    Energy Metering & Conservation