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Electrical Maintenance Services

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We Specialise in Commercial and Residential Hi-Rise Buildings

Your Systems, from Chillers, to Tenant Condenser water pumps, to Lighting Electrical Maintenance ServicesDistribution Switchboards, are critical to building operations and Reputation

We appreciate prompt reliable service is important to our clientele from more than just an operational point of view, it helps you with your tenants, your visitors, and your Landlord.
Do you want to separate the electrical services provider from the Mechanical Services Provider or keep it with one Vendor?

Plant Rooms – HVAC Equipment

Experienced Technicians Working with various Brands and strategies.

  • Switchboard Control
  • Chillers
  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Air Handling Units
  • Fan Coil Units

Higher than expected Energy Consumption can often be attributed to an intermittent electrical fault. Start / Stop or “pulsing” of equipment created an inrush of energy and also causes undue wear and tear on the equipment. Team member on building site - Electrical Maintenance ServicesThe fault is often a loose wire in a contractor control terminal or a control relay which is at the end of its life term. It could be poor programming of the Building Management System or the Control device, but usually this is resolved at commissioning of the system.

Variable Speed Drives

Applications for Variable Speed Drives (VSD’s) in the Mechanical Services are huge and the return on investment is typically less than twelve months.
We can offer Repairs, replacements, Upgrades, Programming, Integration in the Building Management System, stand-alone, for various applications.

  • Car Park Exhaust fan & Supply air fan Control
  • Chilled water Pumps
  • condenser Water Pumps
  • Heating Hot Water Pumps
  • Supply Air Fans
  • Exhaust and Return air Fans/li>

A Common repair with Many variable speed drives is the cooling fan, the VSD will shut down and provide a fault because it has reached its maximum operating temperature due to a fan fault. The Fan can often be purchased via an Electronics store and installed for minimum costs, others must have the proprietary part.

Licensed Electrical Contractors

Our Experience in Commercial Building services from the design through to implementation and operation provides our clientele the savings in projects, energy management, and avoids the additional costs in the “layers” of contractual mark ups.

Electrical Maintenance Services - We work on Obsolete equipment to repair, fault find and refurbish

Air Conditioning mechanical services switchboard from the 1970s

How Can we help you reduce costs?

Experience is the key.
Experience in Energy Management, Refurbishment, Electrical Maintenance, Building Automation, Electrical Mechanical Services, switchboard Modifications and rebuilds, offers our clients a holistic service with a single point of responsibility.

Electrical Services we Provide

  • Mechanical Services (HVAC)
  • General Light and Power
  • Building Management Systems
  • Building Automation
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Lighting Control
  • Access Control
  • Security and CCTV
  • Switchboard Upgrades and Refurbishment
  • Maintenance and Corrective repairs
  • test and tag
  • Car Park Carbon monoxide control
  • Fault Finding and investigation
  • System Audits
Mechanical Modifications to existing mechanical services Switchboards - Electrical Maintenance Services

Mechanical switchboard with BMS controls and internal switching

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