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Mechanical ElectricalElectrical Service for Mechanical Air Conditioning HVAC Systems

We provide a range of services which complement the supply and control of mechanical air conditioning systems or HVAC systems in commercial and residential buildings.

How Can We Help You

We offer a skill set which has an understanding of digital controls, Nabers energy rating/assessments, and integration with other services such as fire, lighting, access control and vertical rise.
We offer the following Mechanical electrical disciplines:

  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Switchboard modifications, upgrades, maintenance, and repairs
  • New installations
  • Projects and construction
  • Design, Engineering and documentation including Schematics and functional specifications
  • Thermos-graphic scans

Commercial Buildings Sectors

We have worked with various different commercial buildings and their functionality and purpose, including the following:

  • Commercial office buildings
  • Law courts
  • Storage facilities
  • Industrial
  • Pharmaceuticals (Novartis, Smith Kline)
  • Education, including secondary and tertiary facilities
  • Retail shopping centers
  • Residential apartments
  • Government Office
  • Defense (Garden Island, Watson’s Bay, and Cerberus)
  • Industrial (pharmaceutical)
  • Warehouse
  • CBD Hotels (Grace Hotel)
  • Hospitality (Ice Bergs)

Mechanical Electrical Switchboards

Mechanical Services switchboard with BMS controllers on the left hand side

the center, Control Building Management System on the right. Main switch and Circuit breakers on the left side, Mechanical services high Voltage in

Mechanical Services Switchboards with or without BMS Controllers

Consultants may specify the BMS controller to be installed in the mechanical services switchboard, as we provide both services the Engineer can design, engineer and test the switchboard in the work shop before being delivered to site. this save the client time as the “grey areas” between trades is taken care of by us, internally.

The schematics represent exactly this saving by providing the input / output terminals of the BMS controllers are inline with the Control relays of the Mechanical switchboard. No need for a terminal strip, unless specified and / or for the fire system integration.

This system makes for an easier on site commissioning and point to point checks.
Fault finding at a late date (should it ever be necessary) is easier as the schematics take the electrician directly to the correct BMS controller for the testing and investigation.

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