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Asset Register

Asset Registers for Commercial and Residential hi-rise Property

Improve your “Return on Investment”

It makes sense to create and develop an Asset register data base or “BIM” database as part of any maintenance or project “Scope of Works”.

Optimize the engineer’s and the technicians “presence of mind” while the works are being completed to record all the relevant data into your database while the works are in progress. This reduces double-handling and improves your vale for money.

Our services includes keeping an asset register as part of our management strategy; the asset register data base is built to maintain site integrity and the support the services we offer. Our Team develop the asset register to form a control document from which we can source information on behalf of our client to improve building performance, monitor budgets and accounting, and track maintenance costs.

We can provide our clients with greater reporting options and data analysis, high lighting business and sustainability opportunities.

We can tailor a specialized “bespoke” maintenance and Asset Register packages which include:

  • Life Cycle / Life Terms
  • Energy
  • Maintenance
  • obsolescence
  • Operational Serviceability
  • Expected replacement costs
  • Workplace Health and safety
  • Capacity
  • Fit for Purpose
  • Environmental Impact Rating (EIR)
  • Energy Efficiency

Our Fixed Asset Register will include, at a minimum, the building services equipment, essential and non essential, and contain information such as equipment function, manufacturer, model, duty, age, cost, and location. Value adds such as capacity, Serviceability, life term, Environmental impact and others, can assist the Property Manager in consultation with our client, to make strategic planning for near and far term operations.

Ten typical building services of greatest concern for asset tracking are:

  • Air Conditioning and HVAC auxiliary equipment
  • Passive Fire detection
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Distribution Switchboards and Mechanical / HVAC switchboards.
  • Building Management Systems and HVAC controls
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • High Energy Consuming Plant Equipment
  • Obsolescent / end of life plant equipment
  • Risk exposure with Safety and critical break down concerns
  • Replacement and maintenance Costs

The fixed asset register, with comprehensive data, is essential prior to engaging a supplier for a maintenance contract or Request for Proposal for maintenance, this assists all parties in understanding the scope fixed equipment covered, the scope of maintenance coverage of the equipment and delivery expectations of the contract.

Asset Register in Commercial Property Melbourne and Sydney

Asset Register Audit

A specialized fixed Asset Register Audit gives considerations to the following:Asset Register Audit Building Services HVAC

  • asset energy performance
  • asset condition
  • asset physical security
  • fire safety
  • work place health and safety
  • sustainability
  • Specification(s)
  • Identity or tracking number
  • Preventative maintenance costs
  • Comprehensive maintenance costs
  • Corrective Maintenance costs
  • estimated disposal costs
  • estimated replacement costs
  • “failure to maintain” outcomes
  • Critical Maintenance

Asset Register data base

An asset register is a database: there are as many variations as there are buildings but in general as Pre-inspection in commercial property reveals maintenance issues such as waterasset register has the following parameters at a minimum.

  • Tracking or ID number/code
  • item ID/name
  • Item description
  • Supplier/manufacture
  • Serial/model number
  • Date of Purchase
  • Cost of Purchase
  • Expected life term,
  • End date of life term
  • expected replacement cost

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