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Emergency and Exit Lighting in Commercial Property

Emergency Lighting Testing and Maintenanchttps://www.wraightproperty.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/wraight-technical-services-06.jpge

The objective of the AS 2293 series of Standards is to provide all those associated with the design, construction, installation, certification and maintenance of all the individual components of an emergency escape lighting and exit signage scheme,…… SAI Global

Installation | Maintenance | Upgrades

  • We are Licensed Electricians
  • We use Product Compliant to Australian Standards
  • We perform Regular Testing (as per your Compliance obligations)
  • We are available for 24/7 Call Out

How often should we perform a Emergency Lighting Test

Six Months and twelve Months, typically we perform the twelve month test in line with annual fire safety statement to ensure the council measures are complied with and within 90 days of their reminder letter to you.

The Testing involves running the lights for 90 minutes to test the battery back up as well as other technical checks and observations.

Emergency Lighting Repairs

Once the Testing is completed and the log sheets filed with the customer their will occasionally be a requirement for some repairs to the emergency lighting system.
Emergency Lighting repairs and maintenance
Globes and batteries are the most common.
If there are older signs and lights which are no longer compliant with Australian standards it will be prudent to replace the entire item and install a new product with the appropriate warranty.

How Can We Help you Today

A short, no obligation, site visit, to ascertain the current status of compliance, the number of lights installed and your current obligations and objectives.

By understanding your needs and the requirements of local compliance for essential services, we can provide you the best value for money and maintain you compliance. Keeping you safe!

Inspection and Maintenance

Regular testing and corrective repairs are mandatory for your Emergency Lighting System.

What’s Involved in an Emergency Lighting Test

The Test involves an inspection of the device for damage, batteries, brightness, physical condition, electrical connections, state of the globes (black ends) and similar. The device, including “spitfires” and emergency exit signs, are tested at full load (i.e 100%) for 90 minutes as per the Australian standards.

Failure in sustained operations, damaged or worn parts from fatigue, or any other issue which is deemed to compromise Emergency Lights repairs and mainteancehe operation of the device will mean a repair or replacement.

Co-ordination with Occupants

Letting the occupants know emergency lighting testing is taking place ensures a sense of safety for the occupants and expedites the technicians activities on sites. Tenants know a technician will be on site and there will be a minor change in the lighting of the tenancy office / retail space during this time.
This doesn’t mean the room will become dark, as often the emergency lighting is (and should be) on a separate independent circuit).

Check List

  • Australian Standard for Inspection and Maintenance of Emergency lighting is: AS/NZS 2293.2
  • Two tests per year, (6 monthly interval)
  • Maintenance Records mus be kept on site
  • Battery Test lasts for 90 Minutes
  • replacement products must be Current Australian standards compliant.
  • Emergency Lighting Test is typically a Measurement in the Annual Fire Safety Statement for Council.
  • Let your stakeholders and tenants know a emergency lighting Test is to be conducted, date, time and expected duration

Is your Floor area Over 300 meters?

You must have emergency Lighting Installed.

Is your Floor Are Under 300 Meters?

if the exit from any room does not open onto a space with adequate natural light (in the event of an emergency) then Emergency & Exit Lighting is required


Understanding all the compliance requirements can be convoluted and time consuming; if you are not sure call us or a commercial electrician for an on site quote without obligation.
A fire services company can also assist, as they will often include emergency lighting tests and performance as part of the Annual Fire Safety Statement works and compliance testing.

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