• General Electrical Projects for commercial buildings
    Electrical Projects
  • Switchboard Upgrades
    Switchboard Upgrades

Electrical Projects

From an Office Fit Out to Major Construction

We offer the main streams of electrical disciplines and specialize in Mechanical Electrical and Controls.
Our Experience in working with demanding and unusual projects with short timelines ensures your constant communication and timely delivery of a satisfactory result.

Electrical Project Disciplines include:
BMS Projects technician working in a control panel for mechanical services in a commercial building

  • Mechanical Electrical
  • Motor Control Switchboard for HVAC
  • Distribution Switchboards
  • Control Panels
  • General “Light and Power”
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Building Management Systems (Tridium)
  • Compliance with Australian Standards
  • Compliance with Consultant’s Specifications
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Engineering and Design
  • Documentation including schematics, and O & Ms,

electrical schematic drawing with pencil

Project Documentation

Documentation is fundamental in project management, ensuring future applications such as BIM (Building Information Modeling). Our clientele a fully documented process, including:

  • “As built” Schematics
  • Operation and Maintenance Manuals
  • Commissioning Check Sheets
  • Product Data Sheets
  • All Pass Words at the end of D.L.P (for BMS)
  • Compliance with Australian Standards
  • Compliance with Consultant’s Specifications
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Engineering and Design
  • Mechanical Electrical, our Specialty

Building Management System technical services

Car Park Carbon Monoxide Control Systems

Car park supply and exhaust fan control via carbon monoxide monitoring can be achieved via a stand-alone system or by extending the Building Management System. Controllers can be included, which are Lon Work, Bacnet, Modbus or other protocols for connections to a future BMS.

24/7 Emergency services in commercial buildings General Electrical Projects

  • Carbon Monoxide sensors
  • AS 1668 Compliant
  • Stand-alone or integrate with your Building Management System
  • Install in existing Switchboard or install a new supplementary Fan Control Panel
  • High-Level interface to Fan Motor Variable Speed Drives
  • Documentation including O & Ms, Commissioning Sheets, Product Data Sheets, and input/output sheets
  • 12-month warranty for DLP
Building Management System communcations network

BMS topology

Building Management Systems

BMS can be incorporated into the mechanical or electrical project or as a separate discipline. We offer open protocols and platforms for most installations. Proprietary systems are available upon request, subject to the O.E.M.

  • Supply, Install and Commissioned
  • All Passwords Supplied an end of DLP
  • Web server based on onsite PC
  • Energy Management and Trend logging (BIM – Building Information Modelling)
  • BACnet, Lon Works, Modbus, Sedona, Niagara
  • High-Level interface into major equipment such as Chillers, Motor Drives, and Energy Meters
  • Graphic interface designed in conjunction with YOUR Key personnel

Technical services in Commercial property emergecy lighting essential services fire systems HVAC

Mechanical HVAC Electrical Switchboard

Electrical Switchboards

The Switchboard is the major part of the Electrical project; it forms the hub of the installation. Ensuring the Design meets Australian standards and the consultant’s specification is the foundation of the design.

Incorporating the BMS controllers and input/output design minimizes “grey” areas and delivers a neater, more efficient and professional project, which is both functional and simple to work with.

  • Mechanical Services switchboards
  • distribution switchboards and control panels
  • Modifications
  • upgrades
  • Refurbishments and Fault finding.

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