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Emergency Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting Maintenance.

We adhere to the Australian Emergency light and Exit signs standards for inspection and maintenance. We work to the AS/NZS 2293.2:1995, which dictates the maintenance and testing procedures and intervals.

  • All emergency lights and exit signs must be inspected and tested at least once every six months
  • Six monthly inspections include lamp testing in “Battery modes” for a 90-minute discharge test
  • Six monthly inspections include ensuring your exit signs are illuminated at all times
  • inspection & cleaning of fittings and reflective surfaces
  • Emergency Exit Signs and Lights are typically a part of your Annual Fire Safety Statement Safety Measures
  • All Emergency Exits need to be clearly marked by an Illuminated exit sign
  • Exit signs must effectively show the way from any location on the floor to the exits of your building
  • All Enclosed spaces in your building must have emergency lights (this includes the storerooms and server rooms)
  • Building Stairwells must have emergency lights for adequate lighting in an emergency
Exit Running Man emergecny Light Melbourne Commercial Building

Emergency Exit Signs and your Annual Fire Safety Statement.

Keep in mind the AS 1851 for Fire System Maintenance and your Annual Fire Safety Statement will likely need the Emergency lights and signs also tested and maintained and repairs completed within 90 days before the due date of the AFSS.

We test and inspect emergency lights according to strict Australian requirements. We supply and replace faulty Emergency lights and faulty Exit Signs with LED type wherever possible for greater reliability in the long term. The repairs are at an additional cost, which we quote for you as a part of our 6-monthly inspection process. After we have completed our tests, you will receive a log book of results, typically in excel and pdf via email.

We will schedule your next testing appointment with our free reminder service and let you know when your next test is due.

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Why Do you Need Emergency Lights and Exit Signs In your Building?

So, why are emergency lights and exit signs so important when it comes to fire safety?

Well, when a fire starts, panic can often set in. A clear, illuminated path can save seconds during an emergency. In a smoky hallway where the visibility of a door may be obscured, an exit sign can guide you through the building and outside to safety.

Emergency lights are most effective when used in conjunction with a planned evacuation procedure.

Make sure your team members know where your safe meeting point is as well as the safest exit route to that point.

Repairs maintenance and installation of emergency lights

Commercial Landlords, Asset, Facility and Commercial Property Managers?

As the owner, facility or property manager of a commercial building, it’s your responsibility to ensure the safety of the building’s employees, visitors, tenants and occupants.

Something as simple as faulty emergency lighting and exit signs can be dangerous and risky for your staff or visitors if an emergency does arise.

With regular checks and regular testing, you’ll have the peace of mind your tenants and their people are safe, and you’re meeting the compliance requirements of the Council, the annual fire safety statement and Australian Standards.

Emergency Lighting Testing and Maintenance

What Else Do You Need to Know?

  • We have licensed Electricians.
  • We have FPAA Accredited Staff who can sign off your Annual Fire safety statement, emergency lighting and exit lighting safety measures.
  • We are CM3 Prequalified (Cm3 is a third-party safety and documentation organization)
  • We offer services including Electrical, Fire, HVAC mechanical and Automation.
  • We are a member of several professional organizations, including FPAA and NECA
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Different Types of LED Emergency Lights.

  • Running Man directional exit lights
  • Twin Head LED Flood Light
  • Universal LED Emergency Exit Light
  • Recessed Blade LED Emergency Exit Light
  • Swivel Blade LED Emergency Exit Light
  • Oyster Emergency LED Light
  • Down Light LED Spitfire Recessed
  • 1200mm and 600mm emergency lights
  • Spitfires in all the variations
  • Occupant sensors
  • and many others
Exit Sign Emergecny Light Melbourne

How Much Does it Cost?

Emergency Lights, Running Man Exit signs, and spitfires all have differing costs. If you allowed around $220 + GST per Luminaire, then you should have a reasonable idea of a budget price. Consider the height, ease of access, and the like also.

Fill the form, send an email or give us a call and we’ll see if we can help further.

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