Annual Fire Safety Statement Support

Annual Fire Safety Statement Support

Our Annual Fire Safety Statement Support provides you with guidance and practical accountability in the submission of your AFSS to the council and the Fire Brigade.

The Submission of the Annual Fire Safety Statement is not always a straightforward process, and “roadblocks” may come up from time to time.

We have cleared many roadblocks, built relationships with Council Team, and resolved situations without fines to Commercial Landlords.

There can be many facets and challenges along the way, some are easy, and others require engineering or design. Every Building Is unique, and every building needs its Annual Fire Safety Statement.

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AFSS Due Date

Is your Annual Fire Safety Statement overdue? Don’t panic; let’s start by understanding why and then building a plan to resolve the AFSS issues expediently, communicating with the council and at a reasonable price.

Forte Team member on site performing fire services testing and maintenance

Build a Plan

Typically a plan involves just a few steps. First and foremost is to gain an understanding of the situation from the position of the major stakeholders. There may be options, including an Application for a Stay of Penalty or similar.

Forte asset services fire protection maintenace technician performing monthly preventative maintenace checks upon a sprinkler system header and alarm valves in Sydney

Get it Done

Once all the paperwork is submitted, parameters agreed to, and the Council is “on board” with the plan, then, hopefully, we have realistic timelines to complete any works, engineering and design to completion and “sign off.”

A New Team, Fresh Eyes, Experienced

By Engaging a new Team, you have “actioned” something already with Council and stakeholders. A proactive and timely strategy to make sure the issues for the submission of your Annual Fire Safety Statment are resolved.

Fire | HVAC | Electrical

Our Team services are anchored by three main disciplines. There are Fire Protection Services, HVAC Mechanical Services and Electrical Services.

These technical trade services give you the support for a long-term single point of contact to ensure all your compliance responsibilities are met.

Talk to us today about how we can work together, including working with any incumbent contractors you may already be using.

How Can we help you with your Annual Fire Safety Statement Support