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Fire Doors must comply with must AS 1905.1, which in turn requires the fire door to be tested as per AS 1530.4.

Fire Doors are tested and/or repaired/replaced when we perform the activities associated with your Annual Fire Safety Statement.

Your Annual Fire Safety Statement typically requires Fire Doors to be inspected and tested, including door furniture, auto close, latch and integrity as per AS 1851-2012, BCA Clause C3.4, C3.8, AS 1905.1

Ask Yourself:

Are the smoke and fire doors compliant in your building?

Have you done everything possible to ensure the safety of my occupants?

If your insurance company performed an Audit, will the Doors be ok?

Fire Doors

Common Fire Door Faults #1

High foot traffic volume destroys the door over time.

This particular door served as a garbage room and was used 20 or 30 times a door. The resident would have boxes or containers which would be pushed through the door or used to prop the door open while they dispose of their waste.

This door passed our annual fire safety statement test and inspection in the earlier visit, but high usage had taken its toll.

fire doors sydney - high traffic fire door failure

Common Fire Door Faults #2

Water ingress into the door swells the laminate and destroys the door

It is a little difficult to see in the picture, but if you look towards the base of the door, we can the wood has swollen.

This particular door was damaged when we had a high volume of rainfall in a very short time, and the drainage system could not cope. The water had to go somewhere and to get there via this doorway. This door had to be replaced.

fire doors sydney - water damaged fire door

Common Fire Door Faults #3

Damage due to usage and position

This door was in a tough location, and there was not a great deal that could be successfully completed to extend the life of the door and negate repeat episodes.

The location is demanding, and given the situation of having two years of usage out of this door was a good result. This door had to be replaced.

fire doors sydney - fire door damabed with high useage

Fire Door Damages?

Replace the Door or Repair the door?

Every situation is unique, and there is not always a simple, straightforward answer. Other factors one might consider include:

– the condition of the door frame. It is damaged also

– the material the door is made from, is it an asbestos door

– the usage of the door, will it be damaged even more within the next 12 months

– painting and sealing the door to extend its life.

– The Condition of the Door Frame

– The baseline Data of the Door and the original intent of the Fire protection engineering

– Educating the relevant stakeholders to monitor the integrity of the Door

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