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Sustainability Policy

Sustainability and Environment | The Environment

We believe in the welfare of our future generations and caring for our environment as essential to our business success and our client’s business success.

We understand the conscientious effort made to manage and embrace sustainability practices, wherever possible. Building Technology SustainabilityWe recognize the continued need to reduce our environmental impact in balance with our resources, budgets and in consultation with our community.

  • Our aim to progress to a point where resources are consistently sustainable are used and emissions are at, or below levels, that deliver a carbon neutral result.
  • The responsibility we own is to focus upon our commercial relationships, with all stakeholders, ensuring that they are connected, responsive and collaborative in delivering sustainable information, results and performance.
  • Our goals and objectives are inclusive of our clientele in delivery of sustainable business practices and process which will deliver long-term value, not just in price, but in environmentally responsible behaviors and outcomes.

The Forte Asset Services experience delivers the opportunity,for our clientele, to effectively manage, maintain and optimize sustainability performance. We recognize the balance between fiscal responsibility, environmental responsibility and the welfare of the community.

Service Level Agreements

We encourage our Clients to engage in our Service Level Agreements with environmentally specific KPI’s and Milestones.

These Milestones can include continuous measurement and reporting to ensure our client’s Asset is current and achieving sustainability objectives. Measurement and verification, where ever possible and economically viable to ensure the asset is in line with it’s peers.

Our Service Level Agreements ensures our services, including HVAC, Electrical, Fire, Audits and Energy Conservation will generally include sustainability objectives as part of the preventative maintenance scope.

Building Technology and Sustainability

Energy and Environmental Management with the conservation of electrical power and gas consumption

Sustainability Performance is an ongoing activity, which requires constant measurement and verification; NABERS assessments are an annual requirement.
Strategic Plans need to be revised and upgraded, KPI’s need to be recorded, measured and verified with the results of the implemented strategies for further fine tuning

Sustainability Management

Sustainability is a complex and technical field, there are always opportunities for improvement and with the advent of new technology and new products arriving on the market continually, there is never a time to relax your sustainability objectives. Your peers and your competition are rigorously active in driving the market improvements to reach new cost effective sustainability objectives.

Don’t be left behind, you need your building’s performance to be at least in line with the building’s peers, if not better!

Our experience with consultants, construction and digital building technologies/intelligence can assist greatly in the property management and sustainability program for your building.
Any holistic programmed maintenance management agreement should consider sustainability objectives as a part of the quality delivery of its product.

Waste Services Management

We focus on technology systems to reduce costs and streamline Operational Data Management, this includes waste as part of the Facility Management Process.
Waste Management: “The NABERS Waste rating for offices allows you to compare the waste generation and recycling performance of your office to other similar buildings, and is the first step in reducing your impact on the environment.Nabers Waste

Our  Process serves in minimizing landfill waste, and improving your recycle opportunities Changing the Culture in the Facility, Educating Tenants, Signage, Labeled bins in Color Codes, E-mail news, Weighing the Recycled versus the Landfill and informing the tenants, staff and visitors are develops a conservation attitude toward waste and adds to improve your rating over time.

Introducing technology into the waste management system can assist greatly in streamlining this resource of data. Implementing bar coding of Bins, then weighing the bin, we can then trend these results in using relatively inexpensive method. Data can be trended by web server or a separate system altogether.