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Forte’s Electricians Jobs

General Light & Power and Mechanical Electrical

The joys of making something actually work, discovering the cause of fault and returning equipment back into service, and getting that final signature from your client (via your phone app) and concluding the job. This is the electricians jobs here at Forte Asset Services.

You’re an Autonomous Employee

Mechanical HVAC Electrical Switchboard - Electricians jobs

Mechanical Services roof switchboard maintenance, repairs, upgrades and refurbishments

Micro-management is exhausting and essentially harmful, we don’t do it. You’ll be expected to be able to do resource, resolve and conclude jobs with minimal interaction from management. you receive jobs, via the app, to your phone, and you get on with it. You manage your time, your materials, your client. We provide the support when you ask for it, so we expect you to call when you need help.

You’re on the Way to greater Responsibility (and Compensation)

We’re keen for you to be on control and resource jobs and potentially sell more jobs while you’e on site. There are no “KPIs” or “On Target Earnings”, but the more you sell and develop opportunities, the more we will encourage you to do this, and this with financial reward, better cars / Utes.

You’re input is Not Just Encouraged, it is Required

We need you to tell us about what is really going on, we could have potential safety issues, greater opportunities, improved efficiencies and so on. We are stuck here in this air-conditioned office with our Tim Tams and Barista blissfully unaware of what is really going on, we need to hear your feed back…….every week.
programmed maintenance and repairs for electrical switchboard integration with mechanical systems - Electricians jobs

What Are You going to Be Doing?

Projects, including Switchboards in Light and power and HVAC or Mechanical Services to Maintenance and repairs or Fault Finding.

Flexibility for You

In our electricians jobs, we ask you for 8 hours work for 8 hours pay.
Sometimes their are family matters, personal matters, and more, just let us know first and if you need to turn off your company phone while dealing with the situation.
Start and finish times can vary to assist, let us know so we can work with the client.
You can make time up on the week end, after-hours, and so forth. just tell us what works best for you so we can accommodate all the relevant people involved.

More Flexibility

We offer a number of Electrical disciplines in the property services sector, including:

There will be times you will ask to move and try some thing new and there will be times we will ask the same of you, subject to works load and project / maintenance delivery commitments
(never a dull moment!)Building Management system integration into mechanical switchboard - Electricians jobs

What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)

The Typical things you would expect, but just for fun, we’ll list it here.

  • Company Ute (typically 4 door with Tray and tool boxes)
  • Company Laptop
  • Company Mobile Phone
  • Company Uniform
  • Company PPE

We don’t supply hand tools, some power tools such as Battery Drills, grinder, Jigsaw, Pneumatic Drill, and the similar maybe provided

Are you Interested?

Our Rates of Pay are Competitive with our Competition, but if you have something special we can use, you will be rewarded, so don’t be afraid to tell us everything you might think is relevant about you when you submit and application, just click on the link below:
Electricians Job Application